Intramural sports commence fall season


Illustration by Yessenia Lopez

65 percent of Trinity students are involved in athletics on campus. Some students play intercollegiate sports, and some students play club sports, but some of the most enthusiastic and intense athletes can be found on the intramural sports teams.

Each fall and spring, Trinity University offers a multitude of Intramural (IM) sports that all students and faculty are invited to participate in. Whether it’s 3-on-3 basketball, CoRec basketball, flag football or sand volleyball, intramural sports get pretty serious. Tigers are known to get competitive during IM season. Participants will gather up the best of the best athletes for their team all in hopes of winning the championship prize – a coveted Bombay Bicycle Club gift card and, of course, bragging rights.

“It can get competitive, but most of the time students are just doing it to have fun,” said Shelby Devore, a program assistant for the intramural staff.

Some sports are more popular than others, so the set amount of IM athletes fluctuates on any given night.

“It varies from sport to sport because some sports, like dodgeball, are super popular,” said Nkolika Nweke, senior IM supervisor. Nweke’s responsibilities as a supervisor include making sure the referees know the rules of the game, making sure each team has adequate supplies for the games and helping referees make tough calls during games.

Kristen Harrison, director of intramural and recreational sports, sees many benefits for students joining the less competitive sports teams.

“Intramurals are a great way for students to interact with others who have similar interests as well as be able to escape from the stress of class and homework and getting an opportunity to have a leadership role, whether you’re the captain of a team or playing on the team,” said Kristen Harrison, director of intramural and recreation sports.

“I think IMs give students the opportunity to not only meet new people but it also allows them to play a sport that they wouldn’t necessarily get to play,” Devore said.

To play an IM sport, all you need is your Tiger Card and a good attitude. There are no registration fees and no previous athletic experience is required.

This year is a huge year for IM sports as the intramural field was just renamed after longtime IM director Jim Potter. During his time at Trinity, Potter built the intramural program from the ground up. He established the group of student staff members that allows students like Devore to work for the intramural program.

“I love that everyone who is involved has come together because they simply love sports, whether it is running them or playing them,” Devore said.

The field serves as a playing field for many different sports; IM flag football uses it, several club teams use it, and varsity sports teams will often practice there throughout the year. A brand new digital scoreboard was also installed on the IM field. This scoreboard will be used throughout the year.

Several divisions are open for registration: flag football and sand volleyball are open for registration until Sept. 7. Both are offering men’s and women’s divisions, along with a co-recreational division. The slow-pitch softball league begins registration on Sept. 13, and indoor soccer and dodgeball begin registration on Sept. 18. To sign up, students and faculty can log onto and register their team. Before starting as a team, one player from each team must attend an IM Captains Meeting. You can also register for a league as a free agent, or a solo athlete, and the IMs department will pair you up with a team in need of a player.

To get more information and push updates on Intramurals, follow them on Facebook @TURecreation or Instagram @TU_Recreation. You can also contact Kristen Harrison with any questions about leagues, becoming an IM referee, an IM supervisor and more. The Rec Sports office is also open Monday through Friday from 12 p.m.-5 p.m. in the William H. Bell Center, room 210.