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With additional reporting by news reporter Cathy Terrace


Senator Lena Dennington brought up first-year Shubhankar Singh’s concerns about Wi-Fi on campus. Singh noticed that the Wi-Fi servers on campus do not allow one to host their own private server, and he wants to implement a system that will allow users to run artificial intelligence projects. Singh has verified that there are no security issues.

Senator Juan Luevanos followed up with a previous concern about International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Luevanos attended a meeting with the ISSS board, where they discussed a few main issues seen within the department and aims to clarify the connection between international students and the department. Luevanos and a committee of senators have been working with ISSS to clarify this and similar problems for international students.

The feminine product receptacles have arrived to campus and should be installed by next week. SGA pushed to have one of the receptacles in the gender neutral restroom in CSI, but Jim Baker, the director of facilities services, opposed the idea, stating that a restroom with higher traffic would be a more sensible location. One of the receptacles will be placed in Coates Library, the other in the Center for the Sciences and Innovation.

Michael Bacon, vice president for Alumni Relations and Development, spoke to SGA about the Board of Visitors, a group that promotes career assistance by offering funds and advice.



The Black Student Union requested $2,075 for “Spoken Word with Porsha Olayiwola,” a lecture during the celebration of Black History Month. The full amount was approved.

The Chess Club requested $1,694.16 to bring national chess master Jesse Lozano to campus to play 30 people at once. The money would cover the cost of t-shirts, refreshments and prizes for the tournament, as well as the cost for Lozano to attend. The amount of $1,194.42, to cover everything except t-shirts and refreshments, was approved.

The Filipino Student Association requested $2,358.20 for the Mabuhay Festival. The amount would cover the cost of catering, t-shirts, photography and advertisements. The amount of $1,599.70, to cover everything except t-shirts, was approved.

The senate approved the motion to endorse Senate Bill 810, a bill that relates to the purchase and use of open educational resources.



The senate discussed new changes to the SGA Constitution.

  • Article 6 Section 1 introduces the Judicial Chair, a position that will hold officers accountable; the article was approved.
  • Article 6 Section 2 introduces the Council of Review “” the Judicial Chair, Student Conduct Board and SGA’s advisors “” where actions against the constitution of bylaws will be investigated; the article was approved.
  • Article 7 subsection C, which introduces Senator Emeritus, a position appointed by president and vice president; the subsection was not passed.
  • Article 7 subsection D, which ensures that new faculty advisors can only be approved by a two-thirds of senate quorum.
  • Article 8 Section 2 subsections B, C and D were approved; all concern senate voting procedures.
  • Article 8 Section 3 explains the removal procedures and was approved.
  • Article 8 Section 4 subsection A dictates that a senator may be impeached if they betray the confidence of their electors; the subsection was approved.
  • The removal of Article 8 Section 4 subsection E from the constitution was approved; the subsection states that the vice president will assume presidential duties if the president is being considered for removal.
  • A new part was added to Article 9 Section 3 subsection C stating that newly elected senators may not vote until the first meeting after their election; the addition was approved.



The senate began the discussion of changes to the bylaws. As with the constitutional changes, the group will present the changes and vote on them the next meeting.