Student Government Association prepares for upcoming elections


Voting will occur from Oct. 30-Nov.1. File photo

Trinity’s Student Government Association (SGA) elections are nearing; campaigning took place from Monday to Friday this past week and voting begins Oct. 30.

Nick Santulli, SGA president and senior political science major, explained the positions that are going to be elected and what they do.

“We have five senators from each class available,” Santulli said. “Senators vote on different issues, they can raise motions. We’ll also be electing a vice president and a president. The vice president handles the funding allocation, and the president kind of vaguely manages everything, but really focuses on all of SGA’s initiatives and organizing our forums.”

Santulli also emphasized that SGA decisions matter, and that these decisions will affect the student body.

“We serve as the voice for the student body on campus and we represent the student body to administrators,” Santulli said. “We want to impact what that voice says or what that voice does, and running for SGA or participating in elections is the best way to do so. This year is especially important because we’ll also be voting on all of the constitutional amendments.”

David Tuttle, dean of students, is hoping for a diverse group of senators following this upcoming election.

“We saw last year the importance of representation across areas,” Tuttle wrote in an email interview. “How student money gets spent matters. How students face national and campus issues is critical. This isn’t some add-on activity. Whether through their voice or funding, SGA has impact on issues related to social justice, campus climate, Greek life, dining and intramurals, to name only some.”

Simone Washington, sophomore international studies major and current senator, is running for re-election as a sophomore senator.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in SGA, as it is a medium by which one can accomplish change,” Washington wrote in an email interview. “For example, I am passionate about advocating on behalf of minority students, and SGA offered me the opportunity to do so. I have been able to plan events like the Human Library, meet with President Anderson in a conversation centered around race and social justice, and plan an Activism Fair for January.”

Washington also highlighted the importance of participating in the upcoming election.

“SGA has a considerable amount of influence on campus as we are the body charged with allocating funds to all of the organizations on campus and introducing initiatives we feel are worthwhile to the student body,” Washington wrote. “The input of an individual senator can directly impact the awarded amount to a given organization or the initiatives brought to the table. Given this, it is important to vote for members of your student body that you feel will best appropriate funds for organizational activity on campus and advocate for student interests. Furthermore, if there are initiatives students on campus feel strongly about, they have the capability to reach out to the senators they elected to see it through.”

Online voting will begin on this coming Monday, Oct. 30. In-person voting will take place in Coates University Center on Nov. 1″“2. Any questions can be directed to [email protected].