Previously, on SGA: Rejected Resolutions


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This edition covers two SGA meetings: Oct. 16 and Oct. 23.


At the Oct. 16 meeting, senator Manfred Wendt presented a resolution for opioid abuse. If approved, the proposition would express the senate’s support of Students for Opioid Solutions. The resolution would give the university access to overdose preventing medicines and would offer training to resident assistants. The resolution was not approved.

At the Oct. 23 meeting, senator John Croxton presented a declaration of dissent that condemns the administration’s choice not to include SGA in some of the decisions it has made, such as the hard liquor and tobacco ban. The resolution was not approved.



Article 2 Section 3 introduces an accountability contract that officeholders must sign upon taking office; the section was approved.

Article 2 Section 7 clarifies that five senators should represent each class; the article was approved.

The wording of the introduction to Article 8 was clarified; the changes were approved.

Article 8 Section 4 subsection C and D clarify the importance of impeachment hearings and their placement in the agenda. The subsection states that officers who are pending impeachment may not vote in any other impeachments that occur that day; the subsections were approved.

Article 8 Section 3 explains the removal procedures and was approved. Article 8 Section 4 subsection A dictates that a senator may be impeached if they betray the confidence of their electors; the subsection was approved.

Article 8 Section 4 subsection F states that the Judicial Chair will preside over impeachment proceedings; the subsection was approved.

Article 9 Section 3 subsection C states that newly elected senators cannot vote until the meeting following their election; the subsection was approved.



The introduction to Article 1 was approved.

Article 1 sections 1″“4 were approved.

SGA will vote on more changes to the bylaws at the next meeting.