Previously, on SGA: Reduce, Request, Recycle


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Cathy Terrace, a junior anthropology major, brought up the inconvenience of having glass recycling on central campus, in places like Coates University Center, and not closer to upperclassmen dorms, where alcohol is allowed. (Terrace is a Trinitonian reporter.) SGA agreed that the types of recycling accepted on campus and the placement of recycling bins are inconsistent and said they would look into the issue.



Senator Benjamin Gonzalez brought up the discussion of proposed changes to the schedule that the University Curriculum Council (UCC) has been having. (Gonzalez is a Trinitonian columnist.) Part of the discussion has been adding an additional long block of time on MWF for organizations to meet, as well as having more MW classes. The senate agreed that they will draft a formal declaration of their support of these changes.

The senate discussed the recent vandalism of a student’s car. Senator Callie Struby updated the senate with what she knew of the event. The senate agreed to put out a statement of their support of the student whose car was keyed.

President Nick Santulli announced that the Student Board of Conduct has agreed to serve on the senate’s council of review but does not feel comfortable electing the Judicial Chair. The senate discussed whether the position should be elected or appointed and will vote on the decision next week.



The Center for International Engagement requested $2,360 for the “Fight Culture Shock Day” on Nov. 17. The money would cover the cost of Aramark food. 200 people are expected to attend the event throughout the day. The full amount was approved.

Trinity University Forensic Society requested $6,250.10 for the National Debate Tournament. The tournament is a four-day event in March. The amount would cover the costs of hotels, flights, entrance fees, judging fees and ground transport. The full amount was approved.



The senate clarified the language of Article 2 section 8, which attempts to decrease conflicts of interest in SGA. The article was reverted to its original formatting, which outlines which executive members of organizations on campus cannot hold office.



Senator John Croxton re-presented the resolution he brought to the senate last week, “Declaration of Dissent,” which asserts the importance of SGA’s involvement in university decisions, such as the tobacco and hard liquor bans. Croxton wants to send a message that SGA should be a part of the decision-making process on policies that govern student behavior. The senate suggested he first present the resolution to Danny Anderson, president of the university, before SGA presents the resolution to the rest of the administration and school.