Previously on SGA: Breaking the Fourth Wall


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Kathleen Creedon, Trinitonian news editor, asked the Senate for their thoughts about the university’s retaining Department of Education reimbursements on payments made to Federal Work-Study-eligible students who are paid with student activity fee money. (Creedon is the author of this segment.) Trinitonian editor-in-chief Daniel Conrad made the case for the university giving those savings back to SGA.

Senators Ty Tinker and Callie Struby wondered whether SGA should be allocating money for the purposes of paying student wages in the first place. President Nick Santulli asked for a volunteer to contact administrator about the matter; senator John Croxton said he would write a resolution to express SGA’s desire to start a dialogue with the administration.



Senator Amulya Deva asked about the sewage problem in South Hall. David Tuttle, dean of students, explained that a pipe broke under the building and that Facilities Services has since fixed the problem.

Croxton raised the issue of glass in the City Vista pool. President Nick Santulli encouraged the Senate to go to Facilities Services with maintenance requests.

Santulli brought up the memorial service for Cayley Mandadi. Tuttle mentioned the requests of Mandadi’s friends for privacy. Senator Callie Struby expressed her wish for more SGA members to have attended the memorial service to show their support for the community.



Tuttle discussed a potential change in Health Services hours. One of the nurses who works on Sundays is retiring, so the Health Services department is thinking of getting rid of their Sunday hours. The money saved from not staffing for Sunday hours will go to having more staff for weekday hours.



Croxton re-presented his resolution, which discusses the importance of the involvement of SGA in university decisions, such as the tobacco and hard liquor bans. Croxton wants to send a message that SGA wants to be a part of the decision-making process. The resolution was not approved.



Article 6 Section 1, which introduces the position of the Judicial Chair, was approved.



Article 3 Sections 2-5, which deal with agendas, resolutions, minutes and the demerit system, respectively, were approved.

The introduction to Article 4 and Sections 1 and 2 of the article were approved.