Memorializing Mandadi

Cayley’s closest friends reached out with statements of love and loyalty to commemorate the life of their friend.

“All I can say about Cayley is she was so inescapably herself. She loved passionately, and was a genuinely beautiful soul. I have never known someone who could do half the things she did and get away with them – she was wild and incredible to be around. She could also make the weirdest faces. I don’t know how she thought of them, but they made me break every time I ever tried to be serious.
I love her like a true sister (not just a sorority sister), and I will miss her forever.”
Tayler Weathers

“People always mention that Cayley was beautiful, but she was much more than a pretty girl. She was a vibrant, loyal, and fiercely independent friend. Cayley was, and still is, one of the only people I’ve ever met that would drop everything for someone, no mater what, every time. She did what made her happy and always did it with a smile. She was the most genuine person I’ve ever met. Her presence was known and her absence will noticed, and I’m sorry that no one else will ever have the absolute pleasure of meeting Cayley Mandadi.” -Ariana Conway

“Cayley was someone that everyone noticed whenever she entered a room. She’s drop dead gorgeous but she also had this presence about her that commanded attention. She had the most amazing and radiant smile couple with the most engaging beautiful eyes. One of my favorite memories with her was on our three month anniversary when we went to pleasure pier together. It was an all around great day and she was scared to ride the rides and it was just, so cute and she told me that the only way she was able to ride those rides is because of the comfort l brought her. Another great memory was when we went ice skating and I kept falling, but she was so graceful and happy and glided on the ice so easily. She had this smile that was so contagious you couldn’t help but smile back.” -Jett Birchum

“Cayley was my childhood best friend. We met in preschool, and went to the same day care and middle school.
Every time after our moms would pick us up from daycare, we’d run up to them and beg and beg to have a sleepover. Sometimes they’d say yes and that was the greatest feeling in the world. We were just inseparable. She liked to sleep with a little bit of light on.
We used to have this game where one of us would lie on a couch with our eyes closed while the other one got us little knick knacks from around the house. We called it the tooth faerie game and we played it a lot during sleepovers.
She could do a really cool whistle where she sounded just like a bird. I told her to do it once at a girl scout camp we both went to, and everyone in the room was shocked and thought it was a real bird.
We also used to walk from her house to her elementary school playground. Once on the way there, I looked on the ground and saw someone wrote “Asshole” in graffiti. I turned to her and said “what does as shole mean? What’s a shole?” She just cracked up laughing.
In daycare, there was a huge tub of :egos that all of our friends loved to play with. There was one tiny grey cup in the entire collection, and we all called it “the holy grail”. It was so rare to find. Once when she wasn’t there, I found it, and I just felt so happy at the thought of being able to give it to her.
Also at the daycare, there was a game called “bumpers”. It’s where you get an inflated tube (kind of like the ones at a water park) and put it around you while standing up. Two people put the tube on and then have to “bump” each other out of a square. It was a very forceful sport for 5 to 11 year olds, and I think they banned it. Despite being little 8 year old girls, Cayley and I were the champions of bumpers because we were so feisty. We beat pretty much everyone, even the older kids.
We would play Littlest Pet Shop, and she had the biggest and best collection, I was always so jealous. In middle school she commented on my Facebook wall: “Annie, I must confess something. A long time ago, maybe your 6th birthday, my dad and I went out and bought you some things for your presents. One of them was a Littlest Pet Shop bunny. But I, I grew to love that bunny so much that I took it out of your present bag, and kept it for my self. I am greatly sorry for this cruel thing.”
She also posted on my wall: “Omg remember when U me and Sean went swimming, and i started to drown so i yanked you down to stay afloat, then u yanked me down, and we were both fighting for air until Sean came and pulled me to the shallow end and you swam off.” Never afraid to tell it like it is.
I remember the day we found out we both got into the same middle school, we were so happy. We skipped around in the halls with our arms linked singing the song from Wizard of Oz.
In middle school I called her Cayles and she called me Annels.
We both went to see the Rocky Horror Picture show for the first time after my Bat Mitzvah. We were all dressed up and looked ridiculous, and once we got there, we realized noone else was dressed up, and threw our costumes in the car.
In our middle school theater class we all watched Phantom of the Opera. At lunch once, we were joking about the movie, and I said “what if at the end, when they’re breaking the mirrors, my grandpa just appeared in one of them?” (My grandpa’s name is Harold). She immediately said “HAROLD” in a low raspy voice and we just started dying laughing. It was the funniest thing in the world for no reason whatsoever. If either one of us said the word “Harold” after that we would both just cry from laughing so hard.
She was so smart, talented, hilarious, and outgoing. I’ve never met anyone as bold and unafraid as Cayley.” -Anna Wallack

“My hope is that when people think of Cayley, they think of Strength, Kindness, and intelligence. I hope they realize that although she was beautiful she was so much more. She will truly be a part of this campus and her impact on people is astounding.”
-Dominique Hussain

“She was one of my first friends here at Trinity. Cayley, Kayley Krambeck, and I were always together our first year here. She was there with me for my first music festival. We marched together in Austin for women’s rights. We pledged Chi Beta Epsilon together. No matter if we were fighting or on the best of terms we both knew the other would be there in a heartbeat if need be. She was a wild spirit and lived every moment to its fullest potential. I will never forget her, I will always miss her, and I will try my best to live the best life I can for her.” -Tori Marshall

“Cayley was and will always be one of the most care free and fierce women I have ever had the pleasure to know. Her ability to encourage my own self esteem has shaped part of who I am. I will forever be thankful for her influence on me and for our friendship. Cayley is loved enormously.” -Shelby Kallus

“Cayley, you have an inextinguishable light. You came storming into my life when I returned from a semester in Massachusetts and soon after I got to have the pleasure of being your grand big. Thank you for keeping me young, for keeping me grounded, and for finding reason to smile in everything. You have enriched all of our lives. To most lit Black sheep baby of all, Cayley Mandadi. You are so loved, babygirl.” -Hannah Garcia