Previously, on SGA: Business as Usual


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SGA adviser Stephanie Ackerman followed up on a guest comment made at the Oct. 30 meeting concerning recycling on campus. Ackerman reached out to Sharon Curry, sustainability coordinator for Campus Planning and Sustainability, who explained the reasons behind the lack of glass recycling on campus. Ackerman suggested SGA invite Curry to a meeting to discuss and promote recycling on campus.

President Nick Santulli raised the concern of a student about the lack of microwaves on upper campus and how that might affect students who live off campus and may bring their own food. The senate decided to follow up with the student personally to highlight the areas on campus with accessible microwaves.



  • Article 3 Section 1, which concerns the attendance policy that senators must follow, was approved.
  • Article 4 Section 3 explains the voting procedures SGA must follow in meetings. The section was approved.
  • Article 5 describes the standing committees of the senate. Sections 1, 3 and 4 were approved. Section 2 was not altered. Section 5 was changed at the meeting, so the senate must wait a week to vote.  Sections 6 and 7 were approved.
  • Article 6 concerns the election process; sections 2 and 4 were approved. Sections 1 and 3 were not changed.
  • Article 7, which details funding procedures, was approved.



Jamie Thompson, an SGA adviser and the director of Student Involvement, presented the proposed changes to Coates University Center. The reconstruction will allow more spaces for students to collaborate, and the changes will affect the bookstore, the Student Involvement office and Campus Publication spaces, among others.