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Abby Romig jumps onto the scene

Sophomore Abby Romig is ready to kick off her first season with Trinity Track and Field. photo by Allison Wolff

Track-and-field athlete Abby Romig, a sophomore biochemistry major, just transferred to Trinity from Reed College this winter. Despite just beginning her time here at Trinity, she says she’s already feeling at home.

“I feel really welcomed here. The people that I have met are nice and caring, the teachers are really helpful and I feel like I am really starting to settle in nicely,” Romig said.

Abby has only been at Trinity for two weeks, and most of her time has been spent either getting to know people, registering for classes or joining various organizations.

“I am rushing SPURS right now, I have been to my first track practice and I have been emailing the heads of various organizations that I am hoping to join,” Romig said.

She is hoping to join the Association of Biochemistry, the chemistry club, the medical fraternity Alpha Epsilon Delta as well as TUVAC, spreading a wide net so she can become as involved in her new school as possible.

Romig is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and for most of her childhood has been running and playing various sports. While she enjoyed all of them, she really gravitated towards running and track.

“I love running. The feeling of moving and working hard is something that stuck with me through all the sports I did over the years. I did track all throughout high school and it kept me in shape and helped me budget my time well,” Romig said. “Even when I didn’t do track during my time at Reed, I still ran at least three times a week, so I feel if you still are passionate about something even when you have no obligation or commitment to do it, then it’s a pretty integral part of your life.”

Her father also ran track in college, competing in high jump competitions and running the 400-meter race at Beloit College in Wisconsin. While he has always encouraged her to run track, he also made the effort to push Romig to try what seems to be almost every sport.

“I have done all sorts of different sports throughout the years. My parents always encouraged me to try new things and that meant I played almost every sport under the sun. I was swimming at two, playing soccer the second I could run, doing gymnastics, baseball, tennis — any sport you name, I bet I tried it. But what really stuck with me was running. In my freshman year of high school, I started to specialize more in what events I did, and that’s when I started to high jump,” Romig said.

Romig is going to be competing in the high jump for the Trinity track team while majoring in biochemistry. Yet she says that track in the past has helped her manage her time better, keeping her focused and balanced.

“When you have to practice every day for an hour and a half, that forces you to use the time you have more effectively and efficiently. I plan on making the best use of my time and trying to balance track, school, and working on making friends and meeting people,” Romig said.

Romig applied to Trinity in her initial search for colleges and she is really excited to be in her new home.

“When I visited about two years ago, I was blown away by how beautiful the campus was and how nice the weather was. Now, while the recent weather reminds me a lot of the weather back at Reed, I’ve been told the springtime is perfect and I’m excited about that,” Romig said.

While Romig’s time at Trinity has just begun, it’s abundantly clear that she is fitting right into the ethos of Trinity: a place where active and passionate people work hard to keep the balance of academics, sports and friends while also helping others succeed and pushing one another to be their best selves.

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