Previously, on SGA: New Year, New Senate


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This issue covers the first meeting of the year, Jan. 22.


New SGA senators and cabinet members gathered in the Skyline Dining Room for a short induction ceremony. After quick speeches from student life administrators Jamie Thompson and Sheryl Tynes, university president Danny Anderson swore in the senators by class year. He then swore in the cabinet members, president and vice president.


President Amulya Deva expressed concerns about the water in South Hall. After issues with sewage and broken pipes earlier this school year, South residents have been experiencing yellow water in their rooms. David Tuttle, dean of students and interim director of Residential Life, explained that the Residential Life office followed up with Facilities Services and was told that only one room submitted a facilities request and that the issue was resolved. He urged any students who continue to have issues with water to contact facilities services.


Members of SGA confirmed their spots on the committees represented for this year’s senate:

  • The First-year Academic Success committee will be chaired by senator Noelle Barrera.
  • The Finance committee will be chaired by vice president Rachel Daniel.
  • The Student Representation on the Board of Trustees committee will be chaired by senator emeritus Shivani Parmar.
  • The Menstrual Products committee will be chaired by senator Simone Washington.
  • The Textbook Affordability committee will be chaired by senator Ty Tinker.
  • The Legislative Relations committee will be chaired by Chiara Pride, who was appointed as the chair of legislative relations.
  • The Oversight committee will be chaired by judicial chair Zeina Zayat.
  • The Sustainability committee will be chaired by senator Julia Shults.


President Deva and chief of staff Jacob Sanchez discussed the ins and outs of the demerit and point systems, emphasizing the members’ responsibilities as representatives of their classes.


Vice president Daniel led a presentation on SGA’s role as stewards of the student activity fee, highlighting the process of funding requests from student organizations. Daniel encouraged senators to think carefully about their decisions when it comes to funding requests. She also outlined the estimated budget for this semester.


President Deva discussed parliamentary procedure and the accountability contract signed by members of SGA. Vice president Daniel urged members to read the information on funding requests prior to their next meeting. Chief of staff Sanchez reminded members about the presentation he will give next week on expectations and about a team building event for SGA members.