Previously, on SGA: ‘F’ is for Funding


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Amulya Deva, president, presented on parliamentary procedure in the place of Jacob Sanchez, former chief of staff who stepped down from his position. Deva discussed the importance of using parliamentary procedure to ensure efficiency during meetings.


TEDxTrinityUniversity requested $1,472.64 for the “Think Again” event on Feb. 17, 2018. 100 people are expected to attend the event, and the proposed budget covers food, gifts for attendees, marketing material and a banner, along with whiteboards and Sharpies to for attendees to share their experience at the event. SGA agreed to cover the cost of the food, gifts and marketing material, but not the whiteboards and Sharpies. $1,278.25 was approved.

Alpha Kappa Psi requested money to cover the cost of a mandatory conference in San Francisco. Four members must attend the event to maintain Trinity’s chapter. The group requested $2,227.96 for airfare, two hotel rooms for two nights and registration fees. SGA agreed only to pay for one hotel room for two nights, along with airfare and registration fees; the amount of $1,969.96 was approved.

Global Health Initiative requested $1,719.81 for a lecture on tropical diseases by Fareed Kahn. The money would cover the costs of an honorarium for Kahn, transportation, dinner with Kahn and nine students, a hotel room and advertisement printing. SGA suggested looking for a cheaper hotel and did not cover the cost of the dinner for nine students. $1,498.63 was approved for the event.

TU Italian Society requested $3,479.09 for three cooking classes and a sagra festival. The money would cover the costs of ingredients and food from Aramark as well as things like plates and napkins. SGA approved the amount for one cooking class only — $599.50.

TigerThon requested $4,162.08 for the Trinity University Miracle Network Dance Marathon. The money would cover materials needed to host the event, including decorations, wristbands, banners and a photographer. The full amount was approved.

Trinity’s Mock Trial Club requested $2,277.76 to attend a regional competition and to fund its website. The money would cover the costs of registration fees and food, as well as the costs of materials needed to participate in the event. The cost of the website is $7 per month, and the group requested coverage for a year. SGA agreed to cover the costs of the registration and materials needed, but did not cover food and approved only three months of website costs as a trial run. SGA approved the amount of $1,693.76.

The Vietnamese Student Association requested $4,143.65 for food, shirts and costumes for the Lunar New Year celebration. The full amount was approved.

Campus Publications requested $5,390 to continue to provide free advertisements to Registered Student Organizations on campus, as well as to create and hire a new position on staff. The full amount was approved.