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    Bibiana CutillettaFeb 8, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    I recently was put on crutches by the athletic department and it is nearly impossible to get across campus. They told me to call TUPD for rides which is fairly inconsistent and is unreliable. I have to hope that friends can take me up to my classes because I live in prassel with most classes being in CSI. Its a total pain to cross campus to get to mabee. I’m just thanking god rn that the elevator in prassel hasnt gone out since I was put on crutches. Also there is no elevator in the prassel parking garage. As an athlete physical therapy is in the bell center and the shortest route there is through the garage which means taking the stairs or making the trek around the football field on crutches. The campus is not at all accessible for people with physical handicaps or injuries that require crutches.

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