Previously, on SGA: Stop … Honor Time


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Junior senator Sarosha Hemani reported instances of creepy men in the City Vista parking lots, as well as the parking lot by Lightner residence hall. President Amulya Deva, junior, suggested getting in contact with TUPD.

Legislative relations chair Chiara Pride, sophomore, raised concern about students’ increasing need for counseling services and that the office appears understaffed in terms of meeting all students’ needs.

Junior senator Julia Shults explained instances of inappropriate and disrespectful student behavior towards professors, asking if there were any policies against or any way to report such behavior. Adviser David Tuttle, dean of students, explained that anyone can submit a complaint of a policy violation, but was unsure whether or not it’s an actual policy. Tuttle suggested students go to Michael Soto, associate vice president for Academic Affairs, for any academics-related issues.

President Deva asked SGA how they felt about Step Afrika!, an event that was partly funded by the student activity fee and approved by last semester’s senate, and the marketing behind the event. Sophomore senator Simone Washington explained that the event was well-attended by upwards of 200 community members and 80 or so Trinity students, concluding that last semester’s funding choice was a good one. Tuttle advised that SGA be cautious when reviewing funding requests this way and suggested that if they look at the success of the Black Student Union’s (BSU) event, they should do so with all others.

“I think if you’re going to hold BSU to this standard, then you have to ask how many people went to Lunar New Year, and how many people knew about it and was it an effective use of funds,” Tuttle said. “I think you should go back to the organization to see their assessment. They could be happy with 80 people from the campus community. … This is an event sponsored by Black Student Union, which is a small subpopulation on our campus, and soif they’re able to bring people in from the community, from other campuses, to me that’s a success. … It creates an extra community for black students on campus who may feel they’re a little bit disenfranchised.”



Internal chair Jordan Koeller, junior, and external chair Kristen Rundstein, senior, of the Honor Council presented revisions to the Academic Honor Code. The group already presented the amendments to the faculty senate but still required approval from SGA to move forward. The amendments included changing the current four-class system of sanctioning to a three-class system, which would get rid of the harshest punishment. The council members explained that this decision is to clarify that disciplinary action is intended to be educational rather than punitive.

Later in the meeting, the senate voted unanimously to approve this amendment.



In last week’s meeting, sophomore senators Juan Luevanos and Benjamin Gonzalez presented amendments to SGA’s constitution that would clarify potential conflicts of interest for non-voting members. (Gonzalez is an opinion columnist for the Trinitonian.)

At this week’s meeting, the senate voted unanimously to approve the changes. Next, a student body vote is required to complete the amendment process.



President Deva introduced SGA’s new chief of staff, senior Monty McKeon. Deva also reminded the senate that there will be weekly presentations about student resources starting next meeting, as well as weekly committee reports.

Vice president, junior Rachel Daniel, updated the senate on how much money they have distributed so far, more than $24,000, and said she will go into more detail at the next meeting.

Treasurer Hanna Larson, junior, reminded SGA of the upcoming senate finance meeting, which will be next Monday, and asked senators to review the information for upcoming requests.



SGA took a 30-minute break from the meeting to take headshots by Miller Fountain. After the meeting, president Deva reminded members that they were to eat dinner with Sheryl Tynes, vice president of student life, later that evening.