Previously, on SGA: RSOs Just Want to Have Fun(ding)


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This covers the SGA meeting on March 26.


Junior senator Julia Shults noted that the box for feminine hygiene products located in one of the Coates University Center bathrooms had run out of products.

Senator emeritus Nick Santulli, senior, reminded the senate that Trinity has been advertising its first-year initiative, the “Starting Strong” Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). President Amulya Deva, junior, suggested the first-year success committee meet with people in charge of the QEP to see how they can help to promote it.

Sophomore senator Benjamin Gonzalez told SGA about a student who had approached him about not understanding some of the new equipment in the Bell Center. According to vice president Rachel Daniel, junior, some of the new equipment has screens that play instructional videos. (Gonzalez is an opinion columnist for the Trinitonian.)

Junior senator Daniela Montúfar Soria expressed concern for international students who have trouble financing Trinity. She explained that she would like to hold SGA office hours dedicated to hearing the stories of students who have had financial problems due to unrelated events in their home countries. President Deva suggested this become a project for the international student affair committee.


Vice president Daniel updated the senate on the remaining amount of money in the student activity fee. At the time of this meeting, $6,434.24 remained.

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) requested $1,500 to help cover part of the cost to attend a summer conference. RUF intends to bring 15 students, and the money they requested would cover $100 of the total amount to attend per student — $350. The entire amount was approved.

Trinity University Latino Association (TULA) requested $1,383.97 for their second annual Primavera Fiesta Fest. The money would cover the cost of a dance instructor, snacks, decorations and t-shirts. TULA has partnered with the Mexico, the Americas and Spain (MAS) program to cover the cost of promotional flyers and posters. After debating the cost of t-shirts and food, SGA approved the amount of $990.22, which covers two-thirds of the food amount requested and 25 shirts instead of 50.

Outdoor Recreation (OREC) requested $1,431.63 to cover the cost of their spring break trips. OREC is a University-Sponsored Organization (USO), which means unlike a Registered Student Organization, it has an annual budget. However, this year OREC overspent, explaining that they miscalculated the cost of training six new hires. SGA approved $1,170.89, which covers everything but money spent on food.



President Deva explained to senators that they needed to vote on a temporary interpretation of Section 3 in the constitution. Deva wanted to clarify the language so that too many absences led to an impeachment trial, rather than immediately to removal from office.

Vice president Daniel reminded senators that USO funding is approaching and to keep up-to-date with the information she will send about the requests.