Previously, on SGA: Budget, Twist It, Pull It


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This covers the SGA meeting on April 2.


Senator Emeritus Samy Abdallah, senior, noted the construction going on behind the Bell Center and by the football field. Abdallah asked if the bollards that have been raised to prevent cars from passing through would be lowered anytime soon. David Tuttle, dean of students, suggested an SGA member reach out to TUPD and Facilities Services.

Senator Mia Quintanilla, first-year, brought up a concern discussed at last week’s meeting concerning international students and financial aid. Quintanilla asked Tuttle if SGA should promote students’ GoFundMe pages, and Tuttle explained that if SGA started to do this, they would have to maintain the precedent. He suggested SGA work with Eric Maloof, vice president of enrollment management, and see if he can come in to answer questions senators may have.



Each spring, university-sponsored organizations (USOs) present budget proposal requests to SGA. Unlike registered student organizations (RSOs), which receive funds from the student activity fee (SAF) on a request basis, USOs receive a yearly budget that is funded once for the entire year. Budget proposals will be voted on once all USOs present to SGA on April 23.

Student Programming Board (SPB) requested $216,202.92, which is over $37,500 more than it requested last year. The increase is due to the Welcome Week Concert, for which the performer has not been announced, to a spring concert for Trinity’s 150th anniversary and more collaboration with RSOs.

Trinity University Volunteer Action Committee (TUVAC) requested $22,850, which is $1,400 less than it requested last year. TUVAC wants to implement a new training system for volunteers and increase volunteer retention.



President Amulya Deva, junior, reminded senators that they will be voting on changes to the bylaws at a future meeting and to read through all of the information prior to voting.

Deva also told senators that Dining Services will be holding input sessions in Mabee Dining Hall throughout the week, and she asked that senators be there to speak with students.

Vice president Rachel Daniel, junior, asked senators to review information about the next USO budget proposals to prepare for the request presentations at next week’s meeting.