Volleyball player awarded SCAC community and character athlete of the week


Maggi Linker. photo by Allison Wolff, staff photographer

Sophomore Maggi Linker was recently awarded the prestigious title of Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) character and community athlete of the week. The award is presented to student athletes that not only excel in the realm of athletics, but also demonstrate leadership and service.

On campus, Linker holds various positions of leadership. She is one of the captains of the volleyball team and the philanthropy chair of Gamma Chi Delta sorority. 

“I have always enjoyed leadership, and it is something I have done throughout my life. I enjoy the communication, and I love having an impact in people’s lives,” Linker said.

Linker’s involvement with on-campus organizations and sports are something she is very thankful for because they have allowed her to pursue her love for charitable acts.

“A lot of my opportunities to give back to my community have come from my association with organizations and sports. For instance, the volleyball team got to teach underprivileged children how to play volleyball. It was so rewarding seeing the joy and appreciation on all their faces,” Linker said.

Linker hopes her dedication can be an example for others.

“I hope I’m a role model. That’s kinda why I took the position [of philanthropy chair] — to motivate people, and to continue to pursue my love for philanthropy, which has been a big part of my life. I feel so blessed to go to Trinity, so I wanted to give back,” Linker said.

Giving back is something Linker has done a lot of, as her personal efforts helped her sorority triple the amount of money they raised the previous year for their philanthropy campaign, ‘Change for the better,’ which raised money for the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.

In the past, Gamma Chi Delta sorority has also worked with the organization camp CAMP, which is a non-profit organization that works with children with disabilities.

“Working with camp CAMP is very rewarding. However, the most rewarding thing was to see the look on everyone’s faces when we went over there to help clear land to aid in their expansion. You could see how grateful everyone was just based off of their facial expressions. For me, this is the most rewarding feeling of philanthropy and why I love doing it,” Linker said.

Linker demonstrates her natural leadership abilities on the court, in the classroom, around campus and within her community, but her love for service is what stands out. She is able to motivate people and leave a lasting impression on all who she comes in contact with.

“I try to be a very positive person, to have a pretty positive outlook on things and help people find the positive aspects in life,” Linker said.