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    Jen SugarsApr 23, 2018 at 11:23 am

    While I’m happy for faculty getting this perk, I find myself heartbroken on behalf of staff. Saving up enough vacation/sick days for a full maternity leave is not a realistic possibility for everyone, and most staff don’t have large enough salaries to put back the amount of money needed to make up for unpaid leave. Having a baby is expensive, and you end up needing your sick days and vacation days for when your child gets sick, or when your children have events at school. It’s actually kind of cruel to make staff save up weeks and weeks of sick/vacay leave in order to have a baby (so they don’t fall into poverty taking unpaid leave), while Faculty are getting that time off as free paid leave. Our staff members are essential to making Trinity the great place it is; Paid family leave should be a right for all levels of workers.

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New parental leave policy for Trinity faculty