Opinion: Students need to attend more Trinity events


Hello, everyone. My name is Austin Davidson, and I’ll be the sports editor for the Trinitonian this year. Being a member of the Trinitonian is both a massive honor and an even larger commitment. I spent countless hours of each week reading, writing, editing and crafting the pages that would go out each week, and I wasn’t alone. A committed, passionate and smart team of fellow students was with me the whole way. They put their time and energy — priceless commodities for college students — towards creating the best paper for the greater Trinity community.

We are not alone in this sacrifice of time and energy to something larger than the individual. Everyone at Trinity makes these kinds of sacrifices; after finishing that biology lab report or English paper, they give up what little time they have left to one Trinity’s countless students organizations or sports teams.

Appreciating and supporting all of the people in these different endeavors is a duty that all Trinity students share. From the starting quarterback on the football team to the secretary of Trinity Progressives, we should all support each others’ interests and passions. It creates a community of acceptance, care and growth — something we all strive to create.

The best way to create a place where all Trinity students can feel at home and supported is going to that volleyball game on your Tuesday off, or going to the theater production on Sunday afternoon. You don’t have to go to everything, but if everyone made an effort to go to just one more event this year — one more game or event — they would make a world of difference. It meant the world to me when I saw my friend from down the hall at my theater show, and I know my suitemate appreciated it when the rest of the suite supported him at his soccer games.

College is a wonderful yet chaotic place. It bombards you with opportunity and choices, and it can feel overwhelming and lonely. Organizations and clubs offer a community and outlet to escape the flurry of deadlines and commitments we all are subject to. Seeing that person from your art history class or the tennis player from down the hall at your club’s event gives that sense of belonging we all need at this time in our lives.

I am aware that we all lead exceedingly busy lives and asking everyone to go to the women’s soccer game every Friday is like asking LeBron James to stop being the greatest basketball player ever. It just won’t happen. So instead, I ask this of the greater Trinity community: Whatever amount of events you went to last year, go to one more. Whether it be another volleyball game or another basketball game, just go to one more. Maybe it’ll become a regular thing for you; maybe it won’t. That is beside the point. You going to that game may push your friend to do the same thing, and then perhaps we can get people to start going to swim meets. When young, passionate people work together and put their minds to something, anything is possible.

I can’t wait to be the sports editor; I hope to shed light on the incredible men and women who represent Trinity and push their bodies to the limit every day. I hope that after you read about basketball you’ll maybe go to one of their games. Then you’ll get to watch that student from your philosophy class cross up some noob from Southwestern University and shoot the game-winning shot. And if that happens, I get full credit.