Previously, on SGA: It’s (Special) Election Season

Previously, on SGA: Its (Special) Election Season

The following covers the SGA meeting on Sept. 12.


Sophomore senator Noelle Barrera encouraged SGA members to attend the Campus Climate Action Meeting on Sept. 25 in CSI, which will host activists talking about how universities can contribute to the city climate action plan.

President Amulya Deva asked if any members attended the voter deputization class that week. Senator Julia Shults responded, saying the class was informative. Chief-of-staff Cecelia Turkewitz agreed and added that she was surprised that there were so many people there. Deva encouraged the rest of SGA to attend the upcoming deputization classes at San Antonio College and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Advisor David Tuttle, dean of students, suggested that SGA partner with Trinity Progressives to educate out-of-state students on how they can vote. Tuttle also asked for volunteers to attend meetings of the Counsel for Advancement of Standards, which will be reviewing campus alcohol policies.


SGA was looking to fill two senator positions for the Class of 2019, who will serve until the end of this semester. Each of the five candidates were given two minutes to speak to members of SGA. The candidates then took questions from SGA as a group and were dismissed.

SGA held an executive session to discuss the candidates and vote outside of the presence of the candidates. The Trinitonian was not permitted to attend the executive session.

SGA elected seniors Chris Fanick and Frances Stone to the class of 2019 senator positions.


Deva explained that she and Tuttle discussed how to move forward with addressing the departure of Stacey Davidson from campus, which junior senator Simone Washington had brought up in the previous meeting. Deva suggested that they create a task force to design a poster for Davidson. Washington, Barrera and sophomore senator Mia Quintanilla volunteered for the task force.

Vice President Rachel Daniel asked for feedback on the Student Activity Fee (SAF) annual report, a document that will be sent to the student body that summarizes how the SAF was allocated during the 2017–2018 school year.