Previously, on SGA: Apocalypse Mao

Previously, on SGA: Apocalypse Mao

The following covers the meeting on Oct. 17.


President Amulya Deva, senior, asked for more information regarding the Tigers for Liberty (TFL) tabling event on Tuesday, Oct. 16, concerning China under Mao. Sophomore senator Noelle Barrera explained that some students found that the drawing of Mao on TFL’s banner and the overall event was not encouraging dialogue. Sophomore senator Maddie D’Iorio, vice president of TFL, explained that the event was meant to educate on the atrocities that occurred under Mao. Advisor Jamie Thompson said that she and Alli Roman, director of the Diversity and Inclusion office, would have a conversation with TFL before deciding to take any action. Thompson emphasized that TFL broke no rules but that a conversation could be had campus wide regarding how to deal with the expression of ideas that have the potential to offend.


SGA hosted representatives from the Department of Academic Affairs in the first of a series of events where various offices will answer questions from senators. This week, Deneese Jones, vice president for Academic Affairs; Duane Coltharp and David Ribble, associate vice presidents for Academic Affairs; Lisa Jasinski, special assistant to the vice president fro academic affairs; Chris Nolan, university librarian and Lapetra Bowman, advising coordinator, were in attendance. SGA discussed several topics with the administrators, including pathways requirements, class scheduling and textbook affordability.


Vice president Rachel Daniel, senior, reminded anyone interested in running for SGA for the 2019 year to attend the mandatory info session regarding running in the upcoming SGA election. No students attended the first info session.