Previously on SGA: Mr. President

Previously on SGA: Mr. President

The following covers the SGA meeting on Oct. 24.


Twyla Hough, director of Career Services, gave a presentation to members of SGA on how to articulate their experiences in SGA in resumes and job interviews. Hough led SGA members in activities to brainstorm how to apply SGA activities to qualities that interviewers are looking for, such as effective communication, engaged citizenship and digital literacy.


Danny Anderson, president of the university, was invited as the second installment of a series of visits from the heads of various departments. Anderson elaborated on his job as president and answered questions from members of SGA.

Anderson disclosed that an architect has been hired to design the renovations to Chapman Hall and Halsell Center, and that about half of the $75 million renovation had been fundraised.

Anderson also described the format and role of the Board of Trustees, which consists of various committees that cover different areas of Trinity’s function. This includes how to invest Trinity’s $1.2 billion endowment which is currently focused in real estate rather than the stock market.


Senior Amulya Deva, president of SGA, asked if continuing to plan a community forum concerning Pathways was the best course of action. Senators instead suggested that they hold a combination of a panel and a workshop so that students could address their specific Pathways needs. Deva decided that beginning with an info session and then breaking out into workshop groups would be the best idea.