2018 Student Government Association Candidates

Photo credit: Alexandra Parris


Tyler “Ty” Tinker (Junior)

“SGA is in a good position right now. I’m not seeking to uproot the foundational systems in place. President Deva and VP Daniel have done an outstanding job in establishing a well structured constitution and a diverse and canny senate. They’ve earned strong praise for that, as they’ve given us an opportunity to fritter less with minute details and focus on the long term objectives that our senate has always been prepared to take on. My goals for Student Government this year include, but aren’t limited to, reinforcing the interactive triangle that exists between Faculty, Administration, and Students, lowering student costs by addressing the rising prices of textbooks on campus and improving student accessibility by working with health services to provide increased mental health care, expanding our support systems for international students, and strengthening our belief in a fair and balanced distribution of the Student Activity Fee.

Vice President

Kenneth Clouston (Junior)

“As Vice President, I have two major goals for the 2019 school year. I am hoping to advance our school and its students by promoting our core values as well as keeping my predecessor’s transparency throughout her decision making. I will be honest about funding’s for our organizations and activities, creating little doubt from the students on each decision I make.”

Class of 2020 Senators

Kit “Ron Swanson” Alderson

“Normally, if given the choice between doing something and nothing, I’d choose to do nothing. But I will do something if it helps someone else do nothing. I’d work all night, if it meant nothing got done.” – Ron Swanson

Gaetano Donà-Jéhan

“I want to ensure that the budget of the SGA goes towards activities that benefit all the students, regardless of their participation in clubs, fraternities… If students have any concern about the budget and how it is being used, I would encourage them to contact me, if I become senator, so as to clear up any confusion as to where the money goes.”

Jason Francis

“My platform? I would say that being an international student, specifically from Jamaica, I am used to a different environment, one which is more laissez-faire and encourages members in a community to live freely, but while also taking the well-being of others into consideration. Being a strong advocate for academics, I understand the phrase “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” and see all too often when students overwork themselves with assignments and studying without taking the time to give their mind, body and soul some time to rest. That being said, I am a strong believer of making the Trinity Community into one that dynamically helps the community to momentarily forget about the stresses of classes and focus more on enjoying their time while at trinity and on their individual personal development outside of the classroom.”

Erin “Adelle” Green

“I am very passionate about making sure that incoming students, specifically younger girls, feel comfortable in participating on campus and that they that are able to find the wonderful support group Trinity has to offer that I myself was able to find. I want to be able to make sure the funds are appropriately allocated and that all organizations are equally represented. Lastly, I want to serve as a point of contact for all students to be able to voice their issues and help implement solutions that will improve campus life.”

Kathryn Langemeier

“I want to ensure that our school is still running effectively to help students. I think my organizational, planning, and communication skills will help me create well crafted budgets and represent my class.”

Molly Ann Rosenblatt

“I transferred to Trinity back in 2017 and was hit with some major whiplash. As a transfer, I was thrust into the pathways programs, I was clumped in with the freshman, and It was just accepted that I was going to be ‘one of them.’ I have worked to make things at trinity not only more transfer friendly, but more accommodating to all students.”

Juana Suarez

“I am seeking election on a platform of creating an inclusive Trinity community and better housing environments for Juniors on campus. I want to organize events that foster an inviting and inclusive community at Trinity. I am passionate about minority groups on campus feeling respected and included in all aspects of Trinity. Also, discussing housing concerns such as moldy rooms, drainage issues, and improving the Junior housing experience.”

Josephine Van Houten

“I’m running for a Class of 2020 Senator position because I believe that after spending three years at Trinity, I’m very familiar with the issues that my class is concerned with. The issues that I would specifically like to address include diversity and inclusion as well as the campus-wide issue of sexual assault. I believe that as a Senator I would be able to help lead my class in making the changes they so passionately want to see in the Trinity Community.”

Taylor Volzer

“One of my main focuses is to continue working on finding solutions to bridge the gaps between students and the administration that can sometimes occur. By working previously with SGA, The Diversity and Inclusion Office, The Coalition for Respect, and Greek Life I have seen student leaders successfully work with staff and administration to implement changes in policies and programs to better the overall campus. Trinity is incredibly lucky to have a combination of such passionate students and student-oriented administration that I want to help both parties work together to find solutions to benefit all.”

Grace Warner

“I am passionate about the environmental impact of our campus, and would like to get involved with the Sustainability Committee. Additionally, I care deeply about the mental health of the student body. I believe it is an overlooked yet crucial aspect to college success and thus I would like to lead initiatives to better support the emotional well-being of our community.”

Class of 2021 Senators

Carson Bolding

“I believe that it’s important to make student voices heard both on and off campus. As SGA Senator, I would push for student representation in campus decision-making, as students deserve to have a say in policies that directly affect them. Additionally, non-partisan voter registration is an issue particularly close to my heart, so I’m interested in expanding SGA’s work on National Voter Registration Day into a year-round initiative to better enable Trinity students to impact their community.”

Claire Carlson

“I decided to run this year because I am interested in representing the Class of 2021. I believe that as a SGA senator I could help implement positive changes on campus. Some specific issues that I want to work towards are redesigning the allocation of the student activity fund in regard to the distribution of funds for different student organizations and helping to create initiatives that focus on voter education and registration on campus.”

Madison D’iorio

“As senator in the 2018 administration, I sought to increase fiscal responsibility and I will continue to have that goal if elected to the 2019 administration. I want to expand awareness of what SGA does, as well as ensure that the SAF is spent in a way that benefits the entire campus.”

Kathryn Holy

Nicholas “Nick” Pereda

“I am running for re-election and I would like to continue progress we have made as a debate over this past year to make campus more accessible as well as to try to make the administration as transparent as possible. I would also like to continue serving on the finance committee, where I was responsible for the allocation of funds to support a variety of cultural or student-oriented events on campus.”

Leopoldo Perez

Class of 2022 Senators

Arya Afshari

“Even as vice president of my class in High School, my main aim has always been to represent the diverse interests of my class. My priority is to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and to utilize the various unique perspectives of my peers to enhance the Trinity experience for current and future students. I would also like to ensure that funds are allocated to the greatest benefit the student body and Trinity as a whole.”

Tyler Emanuel

“As a freshman senator, my platform would be to bring the freshman class closer together and also make the first year experience easier for everyone including future classes. I think by making more study areas available for freshman and also easier access to academic resources would help all freshman throughout their first year on campus.”

Ben Falcon

“I am in this race because I have a plan for better representing diverse student groups and fostering a more inclusive community. My main priorities are advocating for greater improvement in the first-year area’s infrastructure and exploring ways to minimize student costs. I look forward to the opportunity to work with SGA and the administration in building a better future for Trinity.”

Nathan Glancy

“It is my utmost responsibility to reflect your voices in my actions. I will be the most receptive and vocal proponent of what the students desire. Thus, it is my goal to increase student input, encourage SGA engagement with the community, and represent well the voices of Trinity students who feel that their wants and needs are being left out. This can include new polls, QR surveys available, and accessible social media platforms such as a Facebook group to voice concerns.”

Rachel Kaufman

“I hope to help expand the variety of dining options, promote healthy sleep habits for students, increase our campuses awareness of mental health, and help work for cheaper textbook options. I plan on being very inclusive and friendly for students who don’t feel as though they have a voice, especially first-generation college students because I am one!”

Connor Macias

“My running mate Rachel Kaufman and I are going to make the dining options here more pleasurable for our constituents and provided more affordable options for our classmates. We also intend to increase our campus’s awareness of mental health, particularly good sleeping habits. Lastly, we plan on implementing more dorm vs dorm competitions. We will change the campus for the better and be the best senators Trinity has to offer #WeRule.”

Nasim Salehitezangi

Noor Rahman

Adam Rinaldi

“My main goal is to pursue fiscal responsibility within the SGA. I would assist the President and Vice President to efficiently allocate about $700,000 to student organizations. Additionally, I would work to maximize the effectiveness of the nearly $18,000 SGA budget in order to provide services and host events that are beneficial to students.”

George Wiggam

Nicholas Younkins