Previously, on SGA: Dress Rehearsal

Previously, on SGA: Dress Rehearsal

The following covers the meeting on Jan. 30.


Taylor Volzer, junior senator, brought up the conflict that occurred on Twitter where members of the Gamma Chi Delta sorority were accused of purposely planning their Third Round Party at the same time as the MLK lecture. Josephine Van Houten, a junior senator on the Trinity Diversity Connection (TDC) board, said that both TDC adviser Jamie Thompson — director of Student Involvement — and the diversity chairs of each Greek organization are working on diversity programming for Greek Life in response to the conflict. Thompson further explained the situation, stating that Third Round Party dates were selected over the summer and that the MLK lecture was scheduled to be a week later than it has been, so historically, there has never been a conflict. Thompson admitted that she or someone else should have caught the overlap in scheduling. Thompson also elaborated that those who are upset definitely have a right to be upset and that conversations have been initiated between Greek Council and Trinity Diversity Connection.


President Ty Tinker explained the parliamentary procedure in regards to funding voting, the first round of which will occur at the next meeting. SGA members participated in a mock funding vote for practice.


Chief-of-staff Jared Munoz explained the details of the business casual dress code for meetings.


Tinker explained his vision to create long-standing, broad committees to replace the existing system of single-issue committees that often disband or fall through the cracks when the administration changes. He used the example of a dining committee or a diversity committee, as opposed to the menstrual products committee, which, according to Tinker, didn’t have much to do after free menstrual products were placed in bathrooms. He suggested that these committees be written into SGA bylaws, like the finance committee. Tinker encouraged senators to brainstorm committee ideas to be discussed at the Feb. 13 meeting.