Previously, on SGA: The USOs are coming!

Previously, on SGA: The USOs are coming!

The following covers the meeting on April 3.


Adviser Jamie Thompson went over rules senators should follow when they hear budget requests from University-Sponsored Organizations (USOs) this month. Thompson explained that senators should dress in business casual and read the budget proposals from the organizations in full prior to the presentations.


Representatives from Trinity University Volunteer Action Committee (TUVAC) presented the first USO budget request of the year. TUVAC requested $22,250, which is $100 less than what they were awarded for the 2018-2019 school year. TUVAC outlined some of their goals for the next year, including reorganizing their site leader program, hosting more volunteer events, collaborating with more campus organizations and increasing their on-campus presence.

Following the presentation, senators discussed TUVAC’s request, though they will not vote until the April 24 senate meeting. Junior senator Taylor Volzer, sophomore senator Nick Pereda and first-year senators Esther Omegba and Ben Falcon all spoke in favor of fully funding TUVAC’s request.


Pereda pointed out that the bathrooms on the first floor of Marrs McLean Hall usually have a bad odor. President Ty Tinker, junior, suggested that Pereda reaches out to Facilities Services.

Omegba asked if there was anything they could do about how long the lines are in the Commons during lunch. Junior senator Josephine Van Houten suggested that they add dividers similar to those at the Starbucks in the library. Thompson suggested that the dining committee bring up the problem in their next meeting with Charles Robles, food service director.

First-year senator Noor Rahman brought up that TigerPaws is not user-friendly. Tinker explained that Jim Bradley, chief information officer, is aware of the issue and is working on a solution, and that he hopes to invite Bradley to a senate meeting in the future so that they can discuss campus IT issues.

First-year senator Rachel Kaufman introduced an initiative to place more picnic table on upper campus that she has been working on with first-year senator Conner Macias. Kaufman suggested that they host an event where students can paint tables. Tinker suggested that they use the $1,000 donation that SGA recently received from an alum.

Falcon suggested that they start a shadowing program for those interested in running for senate positions.


The senate reviewed the most recent draft of a poll that SGA is planning to send out to students to gauge the student body’s perceptions and expectations of SGA. Thompson pointed out that there were some typos in the survey and that some of the questions were too broad. She suggested that they consult business analytics faculty in order to collect reliable information. Thompson also suggested that they remove questions that are answered by other campus-wide surveys, such as a question about campus diversity, and instead ask for access to surveys like the Campus Climate Survey. Senator emeritus Amulya Deva, senior, suggested that they incentivize participation through a gift card raffle and that they have the survey available while tabling in Coates.


Tinker encouraged senators and cabinet members to submit writing to go into the paid message board in the Trinitonian. Tinker also reminded senators to look over the USO budget proposals and ask questions at USO budget presentations.