Previously, on SGA: Money Talks

Previously, on SGA: Money Talks


Angela Miranda Clark, the recently-appointed Title IX coordinator and compliance officer, introduced herself to the senate. Clark is a Trinity alumna who has worked in various capacities in education and legal fields. First-year senator Benjamin Falcon brought up a harassment issue he had heard about concerning staff in Laurie Auditorium allegedly harassing students backstage during the Vietnamese Student Association’s Lunar New Year event. Clark said that she had heard of the complaint and that she would follow up on it.


The final four organizations presented their requests for their 2019–2020 budgets. SGA will discuss and vote on the requests at next week’s senate meeting.

Student representatives of the Student Programming Board (SPB) requested $175,942.92 for their 2019–2020 budget, which is $2,095 more than SPB was granted for the 2018–2019 year. The representatives outlined SPB’s plans to collaborate more with other on-campus groups. The majority of SPB’s request will go towards Welcome Week programming, such as the concert and comedian. The representatives also announced that they are trying to hire a rap artist for the Welcome Week concert, as the genre was the number one choice based off of a campus-wide poll.

The Mirage requested $42,042, which is equivalent to what they received last year. Jonah Nance, business manager for Campus Publications, explained that the Mirage’s current model needs no changes and will be sustainable for several years. This year, the Mirage met or exceeded sales and cost goals. The 2018 and 2019 Mirage yearbooks were also the first to increase book sales from the previous year since 2001. Jenna Flexner, editor-in-chief of the 2019–2020 Mirage, explained that the student activity fund will cover half the cost of the Mirage, while yearbook sales covers the other half. The total cost of the Mirage are a even split between print costs and payroll.

The Trinitonian requested $56,650, which is $10,000 more than what they received last year. The additional $10,000 increase would be for a advertising fund for Registered Student Organizations (RSO) to use to purchase advertising in the Trinitonian. While the RSO fund was implemented in the 2017–2018 school year, SGA has not renewed the fund since.

Trinity Diversity Connection (TDC) requested $32,609.92, an amount equivalent to last year’s request. TDC plans to rebrand in the next year, which will include a new website and a new logo. The group also plans to host more dialogues on campus and collaborate more with cultural organizations. TDC also plans to help encourage Trinity students to interact more with the San Antonio community through partnerships with local restaurants.