A note to the end of the year


Well, that’s a wrap, Tigers. We hoped you enjoyed the Trinitonian this year. It was an exciting year for us, with good stories and a fresh design. We want to take this moment to reflect on everything that happened this year.

We’ve published a lot of stories this year, and we’re proud of them. From reporting on campus events like the Clothesline Project to controversial opinion columns to exciting features on students studying abroad, we’ve tried to cover a wide variety of issues important to students.

Here at the Trinitonian, we’re constantly working on our goals and missions in order to better serve you, our community. We feel as if we’ve made substantial progress on some of them this year and plan to continue doing so next year. One of those goals is to keep encouraging campus discourse in order to fulfill our mission of being a public forum for the community. We started working towards that by organizing events such as the Chick-fil-A event with the Dean of Students Office. A lot of our other goals were more about fixing the internal flow of the organization to make us run more efficiently. We feel as if progress was made on those fronts as well.

Then there’s smaller things that still made a substantial impact, like redesigning our Masthead and being more consistent about fonts. Small things that make us feel more polished overall.

As happens every year, the Board of Campus Publications has hired new executives for the upcoming school year. Next fall, Kathleen Creedon and Kendra Derrig will take the helm and continue working towards the main goals of the Trinitonian: providing a voice for the students, being a historical record for the university and hosting public forums.

Let us know if you have any thoughts about our work this year or any suggestions for future issues of the Trinitonian. We’re excited for what’s to come and we hope that you keep reading. They may burn and/or trash us on TU Snaps, but we’ll be here, serving you the news.