Previously, on SGA: An Empty Senate

The following covers the meeting on Sept. 25.


Senior senator Juana Suarez said that the water fountain on the first floor of the library leaks and has been for a while. President Ty Tinker, senior, suggested she reach out to Facilities Services.

Sophomore senator Noor Rahman noted that the bathrooms in CSI don’t flush late in the day. Sophomore senator Rachell Kaufman said she would reach out to Les Bleamaster, who manages the CSI facilities.

Junior senator Josephine Van Houten brought up the backlash that the 1869 Challenge had the week prior. Community members responded negatively to posts asking students to donate to the university. One post asked students to donate so a member of dining services would receive a day off. Another depicted members of the athletics department posing with a cardboard sign asking for money.


Assistant director of SAS Myeshia Smith and student accessibility specialist Jessica Reyes joined SGA to talk about the large donation the program received recently and how they plan to spend it. According to Smith, an anonymous donor expressed interest in giving money to SAS, but was curious how much the program would need to achieve its goals. Smith explained that members of the SAS staff toured schools across Texas, as well as outside of the state, to see what comparable institutions do for student accessibility. When they returned, the staff members brought that number to the donor, and the donor agreed to donate that amount.

Primarily, the group will use the money to improve SAS and to provide as many resources as possible.


Sophomore Ashna Wagle represented Tigerthon at the SGA meeting. She asked that the group register and join teams and explained that Tigerthon is having multiple events in the fall semester before their main event in the spring semester.


At a prior SGA meeting, Young Life presented a funding request to attend a Young Life camp this month. At the time, SGA tabled the request because the numerical amounts and what was being covered was confusing. At this week’s meeting, a majority of SGA members still expressed confusion about the request. President

Tinker did not reach out to Young Life for clarification prior to the meeting.

Judicial chair Julia Jameson, senior, reached out to the president of Trinity’s Young Life chapter, senior Hannah Burnett, during the meeting. Burnett responded to her within half an hour of Jameson reaching out. Burnett relayed information to Jameson

over the phone, but there was still confusion, so the Senate voted to table the conversation until next meeting. Jamie Thompson, SGA adviser and director of Student Involvement, suggested Young Life submit a reimbursement proposal, since the camp is this weekend.


President Tinker reminded the Senate that they will be voting on new senators remotely so the new members can attend next week’s finance meeting. Tinker also told members of SGA to dress nicely for the finance meeting next week since they will be listening to presenters’ funding requests. Tinker gave an update on the feminine products that have arrived and asked for members of SGA to volunteer to replace the products throughout restrooms on campus. He said he’d like to start doing so every two weeks.

SGA is still in need of a vice president, and Tinker urged senators to suggest the position to their friends, especially those who are business, finance or accounting majors.