Previously, on SGA: It’s All Alt-right

Previously, on SGA: Its All Alt-right

The following covers the meeting on Oct. 30.


Sophomore senator Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh mentioned that students in Thomas Residence Hall were complaining about the noise from football games on the weekends. (Chapin-Eiserloh is a photographer for the Trinitonian.)

Sophomore senator Rachel Kaufman has been in contact with members of the Department of Athletics and explained that they have tried to minimize sound as much as possible during weekday practice and games. Kaufman also said that there are three games left, and only one is a home game that starts at 1 p.m.

Senior senator Juana Suarez explained that senior Alex Motter told her that Lunar New Year had been moved from its original February date and location to some time in April. Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) has been planning the event for months, but according to Suarez, VSA was told their event would be relocated due to the scheduling of a speech from university president Danny Anderson in Laurie Auditorium, where the event was to be held.

Chapin-Eisleroh looked at T-Space during the meeting and found that neither VSA nor the President’s Office had Laurie scheduled in February.


On Oct. 2, SGA decided not to fund the request Trinity’s chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT). YCT requested $10,280 to bring Heather MacDonald to speak on campus, an event that had not yet been approved by the Event Review Committee at the time of the SGA meeting. The Senate decided not to fund the request in part because of the large amount (the size of which was unprecedented, according to senior and president Ty Tinker). The Senate also explained that the event was high-risk due to MacDonald’s history at liberal arts colleges.

Campus Reform, a conservative publication, published an article about the meeting, and Breitbart published a piece based off of the former piece. SGA had discussed the articles in detail in their GroupMe, and during this meeting, the Senate agreed not to discuss it in too much detail, as to not dignify the articles with any form of discussion or response.


Tinker led discussion about TigerPaws and its upcoming update. Senators expressed frustration with the program and registration in general, including troubles with advisers.


Tinker reminded the Senate that voting is coming up for next year’s SGA. There are currently only three people on the election committee for SGA.

SGA will be tabling and having info sessions in the future for interested members. Voting will be Nov. 18-20.

Tinker ended the meeting with a vote on where to have their transition dinner: Piatti, Rosario’s or Tomatillos. The majority voted for Piatti.