Previously, on SGA: The Big Short (Meeting)

Previously, on SGA: The Big Short (Meeting)

This covers the meeting on Nov. 13.

President Ty Tinker, senior, was absent, so sophomore and vice president Georgia Roberts led the meeting.


Sophomore senator Ben Falcon raised concerns about a display that Tigers for Life (TFL) exhibited on the Esplanade earlier in the day. The display included baby onesies with phrases like “Mommy didn’t ask for help” and “Daddy wasn’t around to help.” Falcon felt there should have been a trigger warning and questioned the intent of the exhibition. (Falcon is a columnist for the Trinitonian.)

Senior senator Josephine Van Houten said it would be informative if members of TFL attended an SGA meeting as a sort of post mortem for SGA to give feedback on behalf of the student body and for TFL to answer questions.

According to SGA adviser Jamie Thompson, the event was approved through the Event Review Committee (ERC). Thompson will bring SGA’s concerns about lack of trigger warnings to the ERC and will followup with TFL, as well. After Thompson follows up, SGA will reach out to have a discussion with members of TFL to relay the discussion they had today.


At last week’s meeting, SGA tabled the vote on the Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi) request of $4,612.90 to attend the Principled Business Leadership Institute, AKPsi’s annual flagship event, due to lack of information. At this meeting, the senate decide to fund enough to fly four people to the conference, as well as to cover two hotel rooms. The amount of $2,665 was approved.

Correction: The first version of this post said Georgia Roberts is the SGA treasurer. She is the vice president.