Previously, on SGA: Brand new Insta-plans

Previously, on SGA: Brand new Insta-plans

This covers the meeting on Jan. 29.


First-year senator Alyssa Jones said she saw another flyer that sophomore senator Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh mentioned at the last meeting in the basement of the Witt Center. President Claire Carlson, junior, said she believes administrators and faculty are aware and have addressed the situation. Adviser David Tuttle confirmed that.

Senator Chapin-Eiserloh mentioned that he has heard complaints about how Martin Luther King, Jr. Day lines up with the end of add/drop, since there are some classes that, because of the holiday, didn’t meet until after add/drop ended. Adviser Tuttle said there is a calendar committee that is slated to meet in February and suggested someone forward the complaints to Duane Coltharp, a vice president of Academic Affairs.


President Carlson mentioned there is a candidate to fill the communication chair position, junior Marcus Mousavi. The Senate voted unanimously to elect him to the Cabinet.


SGA’s dining committee plans to email Charles Robles, director of Aramark, and meet with him to discuss a list of concerns and solutions they have developed. The committee also may work with the sustainability committee on composting across campus and on doing a waste audit.

The finance committee approved multiple under-1500-dollar requests at the finance committee meeting yesterday.

The diversity and inclusion committee has their first meeting next Monday. They mentioned potentially working with former Diversity and Inclusion Office student workers to help continue that work as the office is in a transition until they hire a new director.

The civic engagement committee has been working with the TU 2020 Census and Voter Registration Task Force to increase engagement across campus. The task force was one of the groups requesting money at yesterday’s finance committee meeting.

The sustainability committee reached out to a reusable water bottle company that Jamie Thompson, adviser, mentioned to them. The committee reached out to the company, Cupanion, for a quote for 820 bottles, which they said was roughly $5,000. The group met with Esther Kim, assistant director for Orientation Programs, who suggested they reach out to other university-sponsored organizations to split the cost. They also mentioned trying to get recycling bins for the City Vista apartments.

The public relations committee said they’ve gotten the information for the Trinity Instagram and will begin to post more on it about elections, tabling and other SGA activities.


At last week’s meeting, SGA tabled a discussion about the amount of gas to grant Mock Trial Club for their trip to Arlington for their Regionals competition. The number they suggested, $300, did not align with the amount the Internal Revenue Service recommends, which is 57.5 cents per mile. That recommendation covers vehicle usage, insurance and gas and would have brought the cost of gas for Mock Trial close to $1,376. SGA chose to fund the original $300.


At the last meeting, sophomore senator Esther Omegba mentioned she had a friend who was piloting an electric scooter program and wanted to test it out at Trinity. The group discussed the advantages and potential of the program and ultimately decided to meet with Risk Management before moving forward with the discussion.


President Carlson explained that a member of Trinity’s Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing was coming to the meeting to create an Instagram post about SGA. Members of SGA discussed the kinds of things they wanted to mention in the post, including elections, committee-specific goals, and an emphasis on the work they are doing with the. TU 2020 Census and Voter Registration Task Force.

Meetings are held every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Waxahachie Room.

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