Previously, on SGA: Y(CT) Not?

Previously, on SGA: Y(CT) Not?

The following covers the meeting on March 4.


Sophomore Georgia Roberts, vice president, presented on the year-to-date usage. of the student activity fee. At the beginning of the year, SGA. was given $720,363.78 to allocate (all but four percent of the student activity fee. The other four percent is given to the university’s business office.) The amount left for spring allocations is $15,256.83.

The group briefly revisited their previous conversations on whether to vote based on a request’s content, credibility of speakers and connection. to Trinity’s three core values: intentional inclusion, perpetual discovery and enduring excellence.

SGA has three funding meetings left this year, one senate finance meeting and two finance committee meetings.


Wills Brown, assistant director for Coates Student Center (CSC), presented the results of survey done last November. The survey had 224 responses (from 58 departments, 27 student organizations and 139 individuals).

The top three satisfactory areas were room setup, room cleanliness and customer service. Brown asked for feedback from SGA regarding the space between the CSC lobby and Einstein Bros. Bagels and potential outdoor seating, among other aspects of CSC.

Brown explained the next steps for Spring 2020, based on the survey, are bringing in more whiteboards, more charging towers and more study-friendly furniture, as well as piloting extended hours during finals again.

Brown and David Tuttle, adviser to SGA and dean of students, described a potential renovation to the east side of the Commons. They said that the university is thinking of moving Revolve to the back of the larger dining area that is less often used, which would help with long lines and would allow the university to consider adding another concept next to Taco Taco.


At a previous finance committee meeting, Trinity’s chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) requested $1,499 to bring speaker Elisha Krauss to campus. The finance committee denied that request, and YCT appealed that decision, per SGA’s bylaws. The event has been approved by the Event Review Committee.

YCT re-presented the request in front of the Senate. The money would cover part of the $3,000 honorarium, the rest of which would be covered by the Young America’s Foundation. Krauss would discuss gender, and YCT explained they expected 60 people to attend. SGA denied the full amount.


Senior Maggi Linker, president of the student athlete advisory committee, requested $1,2000 on the committee’s behalf to pay for roughly 300 tickets to a Trinity athletic banquet this spring. SGA would be reimbursed for unused tickets. The Senate approved the full amount.