Previously on SGA: Student Activity Fund, What’s It Good For?


This covers the meeting on Sept. 16



Sophomore senator Donya Ahmadi started off this week’s climate check by inquiring about what students should do if they see someone who’s not allowed on campus, referring to a person who hasn’t been tested or tracked their symptoms. Advisor Thompson referred Ahmadi to the COVID Violation Report page where students can submit a report about an individual who is in violation of community health and safety guidelines.

Senator Ahmadi also suggested that SGA review their constitution to address conflicts of interests to prevent potential issues in the future. Though junior Vice President Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh stated that there are no active violations, junior senator Nasim Salehitezangi suggested that a constitution review would be good for SGA to ensure that there continue to be no active violations.



Senior SGA President Jaelen Harris mentioned the upcoming first-year elections. The process includes holding 1-2 information sessions about SGA, sending out the application, waiting for submissions, campaigning and then voting. Once representatives are voted into SGA, they’ll immediately be invited to meetings regarding their newly-held positions. Planning for these elections will begin soon.



VP Chapin-Eiserloh mentioned that they are currently looking to increase SGA visibility, particularly when it comes to community members attending their public meetings. Junior Communication Chair Rebecca Wicker said that they are currently working on inviting the community through Instagram where those interested can be sent a link if they wish to attend the meeting.



Once again, questions about where the student activity fund would be allocated were brought up. VP Chapin-Eiserloh said he was not in favor of distributing the money between students because it wouldn’t be much anyway. He says he’d much rather see it allocated towards other ways of helping students that don’t involve a cash disbursement.



President Harris mentioned that comittees will be expected to submit a report about their progress every week in order to be transparent with everyone. Comittee members will be expected to be honest about workload and their progress every week.