Previously, on SGA: Self-Care and Tigers Against Aramark


This covers the meeting on Sept. 30


Sophomore senator Rivas Lopes started off this week’s climate check by mentioning once again that students weren’t wearing their masks in the library. She suggested that SGA come up with a better plan of action, to which President Jaelen Harris agreed. President Harris emphasized the importance of positive-messaging as a way of combatting these instances in the library.


President Harris asked the members of SGA for their comment on the Tigers Against Aramark report which included demands that Trinity remove Aramark from their dining services. He also asked if SGA as an association should sign the petition made by Tigers Against Aramark. Senator Rivas Lopes mentioned that though the report was compelling, she did have a few concerns. According to Rivas Lopes, a section of the report mentioned that the employees who are currently working for Aramark should be retained and kept as employees at Trinity. She mentioned that they should figure out how that could be feasible. Senator Rivas Lopes also mentioned it’d be worth looking at other dining services and see if Aramark was worse or better in comparison.

Sophomore Senator Sarah Pita mentioned that since SGA is looking to be more anti-racist, taking the concerns of Tigers Against Aramark seriously would be meaningful to their anti-racist cause.


President Harris sent out a survey to the student body regarding Student Programming Board’s virtual event Google form. SPB is collecting responses about what students would like to see from their programming. There were 100 responses as of Monday. A “self-care package” was commonly mentioned according to President Harris.