News brief: 11/6


graphic by Kate Nuelle

Student Accessibility Services introduces face-covering exemption policy

Members of the Trinity community were invited by the university, beginning Nov. 2, to provide feedback on a new policy exempting face coverings for select students. Introduced by Student Accessibility Services, the policy recognizes the difficulty that comes with wearing a mask for some people with disabilities. The new policy would provide information about appropriate instances for reasonable modification to Trinity’s face covering policy for students.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to provide feedback on the policy prior to its implementation in spring 2021. All comments are due by Nov. 16.

Administrator Oversight Committee evaluates administrators

Five years into their term, most administrators are evaluated based on their leadership, as well as the performance of their staff. This process is managed by the Administrator Review Oversight Committee (AROC), which typically comprises three faculty members and one staff member.

While the evaluation procedure varies based on the administrator, in some cases, the process involves interviews with faculty, staff, and students in order to assess how the administrator is viewed by their constituents.

Once the evaluation is complete, reports will be drafted and presented to the appointing administrative officer and the President of the University for review. This report will include recommendations for either reappointment or non-reappointment, as well as suggestions for improvement for the administrator.

According to Thomás Peña, junior business analytics & technology and finance double-major and member of an ongoing evaluation committee, while the results of these evaluations are not made public they are an important way to keep higher-ups accountable.

“[Evaluations] really gives voices to students, staff, and even faculty, and keeps their anonymity. It not only looks at the performance of the administrators, but [the process] also looks for room for growth.” said Peña.