Stepping into a new (digital) era of the Trinitonian, for now

We are happy to announce that the Trinitonian has just launched a new website! We acknowledge that our previous website was difficult to navigate and not as pretty as it could have been. Because of this, among other reasons, we decided to make the leap and bring our paper into a new era with a website that feels more like a news website and works well with our dynamic content.

We invite you to take a look and subscribe to our newsletter while you explore our shiny, new site!

Part of this change was sparked by the reality of the times. While some argue that printed papers are phasing out of existence, we disagree — at least on a college campus, a physical copy of the news is beneficial and enhances the experience of taking in information. However, with COVID-19 causing Trinity University’s campus to be more sparse than we are all used to, we came to make the difficult decision to suspend the printed edition of the Trinitonian. In the future, we anticipate a physical copy to be brought back, but this November 20th issue of the Trinitonian will be the last printed edition for a while.

It is important that we look at this as a positive opportunity. If there is a time to experiment and try new things with our over-100-year-old school paper, now is the time. The new website marks a monumental event in the Trinitonian’s history: the temporary discontinuation of a tangible newspaper. This transition is bittersweet, but was necessary to preserve the paper and continue supporting our staff who pour themselves into their writing and work hard to deliver weekly content.

Thank you to the Trinity community and to our readers, consistent and otherwise, for your continued support and we look forward to sharing this new adventure with you.