NFL fans react to Brady’s tenth appearance at the Super Bowl

The 43-year-old quarterback has won six Super Bowl championships in his career, this could be his seventh.

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Tom Brady on his way to the Super Bowl yet again. Though I imagine fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are beyond elated to see their team at the Super Bowl for the first time since 2002, fans of the New England Patriots are understandably upset about having lost their superstar quarterback to the Buccaneers.

At Trinity, football fans are split about Brady’s tenth journey to the Super Bowl. Junior Natalie Intihar, a Green Bay Packers fan, is upset about the Buccaneers win since Green Bay lost their chance at the Super Bowl thanks to Brady and his team.

“As someone who follows and watches football religiously, there is no way to avoid the name Tom Brady. He’s been playing in the NFL since the year I was born and is still playing at a high level. And I am so sick of it,” Intihar said.

Although Intihar recognizes Brady’s talent, she’s grown tired of seeing him in the playoffs year after year.

“At one point I had a great deal of respect for the man, though I was certainly sick of hearing his name everywhere. That all changed after the 2015 AFC Championship Game, where the Patriots allegedly deflated their footballs. In the Patriots’ cover-up of their clear violation of the rules, Tom Brady smashed his phone to destroy any evidence of his knowledge. While everyone else moved on after his four game suspension the following season, I still refuse to,” Intihar said.

Because of the anger Intihar carries toward Brady, she’s rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl this year.

“I had hoped that him leaving the Patriots this past summer would lead to his dramatic downfall and eventual retirement. Instead, I am stuck watching Brady in yet another Super Bowl. And yeah, I’ll watch the game. But you can rest assured knowing that no one will cheer harder for the Kansas City Chiefs than me — solely because of my disdain for Brady,” Intihar said.

Senior Jaelen Harris said that although he is a New Orleans Saints fan — another team the Buccaneers rolled past on their way to the Super Bowl — he has plenty of respect for Brady’s ability to lead any team to the Super Bowl.

“I think what he is doing is pretty incredible, and his greatness is hard to deny. Not only is he 43 [years old] and going to his 10th Super Bowl, but he also had one of his best seasons this year throwing the football, recording the second highest touchdown total of his career,” Harris said. “This is his first year with a team that hasn’t been very good in recent years, and he is leading them to the Super Bowl. I am a die hard Saints fan, and he needed to beat my team to get this far in the playoffs this year, but it’s hard to be mad when he’s the one who beat your team. He’s been doing the same to other teams for two decades now,” Harris said.

Brady’s superstar talent isn’t the only news that’s been in the headlines. The 43-year-old quarterback received backlash from some fans after it was revealed that he supported Donald Trump, the former President of the United States

“Growing up, I was a huge Peyton Manning fan who also hated the Patriots and Tom Brady with a passion. However, as I got older I did respect his game and his accomplishments, but even with my respect for him as a player, I still rooted against him with any and every chance. and I really started to root against him once I figured out he was a Trump supporter,” said Kristian Adams, senior.

While Adams commends the Buccaneers’ unexpected playoff success, he predicts that the Chiefs will stop Brady and his Buccaneers from claiming the title.

“I do think this fairytale season for Brady is going to come to a bitter ending, as I believe the Chiefs will beat the Bucs in the Super Bowl,” Adams said.

Triniti Lemmons, a senior and a Dallas Cowboys fan, shared a similar sentiment to Adams.

“I’m not a big fan of Tom Brady, so I was pretty upset that he beat the Packers and made it to the Super Bowl again. Although I’m not a fan, I do find it pretty impressive that he’s gotten his team to the Super Bowl as many times as he has. He’s one of the oldest players currently in the NFL, so it’s honestly surprising to see he’s still having as much success as he is,” Lemmons said. “Even though it’s impressive, I’m still pulling for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Don’t be fooled though. I’m a die-hard Cowboys fan,” Lemmons said.