Previously, on SGA: COVID Concerns


The following covers the meeting on Feb. 3.


First-year senator Steven Cox read from an input form sent by a student who expressed concerns about the lack of social events on campus and ways to safely meet people, and the effect this was having on students’ wellbeing. Vice president Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh, junior, said that there would be more opportunities for in-person events in the coming weeks.
Because of Trinity’s acceptance as a vaccine distribution site, sophomore senator Sol Rivas Lopes asked when and how students would be vaccinated. President Jaelen Harris, senior, and adviser David Tuttle both said they had no information yet.
First-year senator Danae Barkocy mentioned that students were inquiring about additional outdoor seating for safer studying and gatherings. Tuttle explained that the furniture has been ordered and paid for and will be put out as soon as possible. Locations for the seating include the area around Prassel Hall, the Coates Student Center and Mabee Dining Hall.


To celebrate Black History Month, President Harris said he was drawn to the idea of a big, ongoing project rather than a short-lived campaign. After some discussion, a group of senators were put together to explore possible avenues for the project, including community outreach, philanthropic events and teaming with other organizations in and outside of Trinity. The group included senator Rivas Lopes, sophomore senators Sarah Pita and Caden Young, and senior senator Polo Perez.


Senator Young expressed a desire for the university to be more communicative about COVID-19 and other events in general, citing the lack of updates on the Diversity and Inclusion task force. Senator Barkocy echoed this sentiment, requesting a weekly COVID newsletter to provide students with more regular updates.