Wordle Sidewalk Symposium

In the past few weeks, the daily word puzzle game Wordle has taken the internet by storm. Created by a Brooklyn software engineer named Josh Wardle, the game has had an exponential boom in players since it was released in October. Its popularity is partly due to its easily shareable results — the grid of gray, yellow and green squares you might see while scrolling through Twitter or Facebook.

To see how Wordle’s rise in popularity has hit Trinity, the Trinitonian talked to some students about the game for this week’s Sidewalk Symposium.


“At the Kappa Kappa Delta party on Friday night, at midnight, everyone got out their phones and did their Wordle. It was very hyped.” — Grace Johannes, junior

“I see people tweet about it, and I played it once, and I was like ‘eh, it’s okay I guess.’ [When people post their results, they annoy me] a little bit. I don’t really need to know. I’m sure if I played I’d be a little more interested.” — Will Jeffe, first-year

“I see people play this on TikTok. The Lives on Tiktok. I scroll through my phone, people are playing it, I press on it to view the actual Live, and I’m like ‘oh, nope.’” — Daisy Serebrin, first-year

“Every day, it’s my biggest goal to get to a lower number of tries. My lowest number is three so far and it makes me happy. I’ve only been playing for a week and so far, I have not [lost]. The most [amount of tries] I’ve taken is five.” — Taylor Kotfas, junior

“I love Wordle, and I hate spelling. I’m so bad at spelling, and I use it to try to increase my spelling skills … with five-letter-words. It’s okay. I’m an engineering major. I’m not supposed to know words.”
— Dabney Moore, sophomore