Senior Spotlight: Sean Majors

All-American senior leaves his mark on the Track & Field team

From Fredericksburg, Texas’ Little Olympics to the NCAA Track & Field Championships, senior All-American Sean Majors has come a long way. He got his start in the fourth grade, and immediately took a liking to the sport. Continuing in middle and high school, he never really found his true event until senior year.

His path to finding Trinity was quite unconventional. He was originally going to play football for the Tigers before realizing his heart was out on the track.

“I was originally coming here looking at football, but then I decided later on in high school that I didn’t want to play football and so I talked to the track coaches here and had a good feeling about it,” Majors said.

A good feeling was quite an understatement for Majors and what he would go on to accomplish here at Trinity, but it wasn’t always easy.

“Sometimes you start to wonder if you’ve made the right decision, but I ended up being really glad that I chose track and coming here,” Majors said.

Finding his best event on the track also took some time. Majors ran the 400 in high school as well as the 4×4 relays but didn’t find his true talent, long jump, until the end of high school.

“It was kind of a winding path to finding the right event. I had always done the triple jump and the 400, but my senior year was when the long jump really took off and I felt myself hitting some big marks,” Majors said.

Not unlike his journey to finding his true calling, Majors came to learn that track, the long jump event, in particular, is a very “up and down” sport. Coping with fluctuating performances was tough at first, and Majors had to learn to look at the bigger picture and remain focused.

“You can PR in one event and then end up with a scratch in the next one,” Majors said. “I had to have a certain level-headedness and not get so hung up on the lows in order to keep my eye on the prize,” Majors said.

That he did, earning two All-American titles his junior year at the NCAA Outdoor Championships, followed by another one earlier this spring at the NCAA Indoor Championships.

The facts will speak for themselves for one of Trinity’s standout Track & Field performers, but behind the numbers, Majors will be remembered as a hard worker who was always looking to motivate others.

“I think my biggest thing was leading by example. I would always come out, work hard and motivate others to put their best efforts into each practice,” Majors said.

Although Track & Field can sometimes feel like an individual sport, the team is paramount to Majors’ success.

“I’m just lucky over the four years to always have had such supportive teammates who really care for your success,” Majors said. “Coach Corey [Wildman] and Coach Marcus [Whitehead] have always put me in the best positions to be successful, and my roommate Dan [D’rovencourt] is always there to give me a pep talk.”

As a graduating senior, Majors looks to move on into the real world and hopes to pursue a career in the field of environmental science, though he isn’t opposed to the idea of coaching track & field one day. With such an impact that the sport has had on him, he said it’s hard to leave it behind.

“Track will always be a part of my life because of how long I have done it. I’ll definitely be sticking around for the alumni meets in the future,” Majors said.

However, Majors and the rest of the Tigers aren’t done quite yet, with the SCAC Championships on April 23 and 24 and the NCAA Championships on May 26 through 28 looming on the horizon. Although Majors has a stellar career behind him, his drive to succeed seems insatiable.

“We’re hoping to get another record this year in the 4×4,” Majors said.

It is clear that the season isn’t over until there isn’t anything left to compete for, and for Majors, it will be an amazing culmination to a legendary college career here at Trinity.