Open letter to visiting alumni


Trinity isn’t the way you left it, for better or for worse (you can make that judgment for yourself, though). It’s not just the pandemic — it’s new leadership, new generations of students, new technology and a new caliber of higher education, as we’ve been ranked in the top third of national liberal arts universities. Whether you graduated 30 years ago or two, you have both wisdom to impart on current students and something to learn.

Trinity has started new traditions in the wake of COVID, trying not only to fill the gap of traditions lost but to invigorate our campus in ways that reflect its evolving values. However, despite the beauty of growth in new directions, there are old traditions that we would love to welcome back. Some of these are remembered by seniors who were here before COVID struck, but there must be more that fizzled even before a pandemic could take them away. While you walk around campus this weekend and recall your own good old days, please share your memories with us. We would love to know more about your time here to better understand where we’re going now.

That being said, we hope you feel excited about the ways Trinity continues to evolve. Maybe your favorite class is no longer being offered or the student organization you founded has taken turns you never expected. It’s understandable that certain changes at your alma mater could be upsetting or at least bring back some serious nostalgia. But don’t be quick to assume you had it better, or that everything must change back. Current students are proud of what we’ve done with our temporary home, and everything you see is in response to the community’s needs and passions right now. Your memories, expertise and advice are gladly welcomed to help inform the journey onward.

For the soon-to-be-alumni among us, let’s let the past generations of Trinity students visiting this weekend remind us to be present while we’re here. Take note of what you will remember when you return with your friends years down the road, especially those things that might slip your mind once you’ve tossed your graduation cap in the air. Connect with alumni while they’re here, and remember that we are all still one community, even if in different iterations throughout time.