War paint, battle cries and Greek unity

Greek life organizations compete in a spirit-filled day of competition

On Friday, March 3, Trinity Fraternity and Sorority Life hosted its annual Greek Olympics competition. This year, Greek life organizations participated in a series of tournaments including inflatable jousting, a bouncy-house obstacle course relay race, tug of war and a water balloon toss. Cheers filled the Jim Potter Intramural Field as different organizations showcased their club spirit, and after nearly four hours of competition, fraternity Chi Delta Tau, and sorority Gamma Chi Delta came out on top.

Harold Degenhardt, sophomore accounting major, represented his fraternity, Chi Delta Tau, in the tug-of-war competition. Harold shared he was not initially expecting to win the Olympics.

“It felt really good to win,” Degenhardt said. “I wasn’t expecting it so we got really excited.”

As a new active member, Degenhardt enjoyed having the opportunity to participate with the rest of his pledge class and represent his organization in the tug-of-war competition.

“It felt good to represent my org[anization],” Degenhardt said. “Participating in competitions with the other new members in my pledge class was definitely the most enjoyable part of Greek Olympics.”

Sebastian Buscemi, sophomore human resources major, competed in the relay race, representing Omega Phi.

“It felt really good to represent my organization, especially when we won,” Buscemi said. “It was fun to participate with other members of my fraternity.”

Buscemi enjoyed the competitive, high-spirited atmosphere of the Greek Olympics.

“The energy was really high,” Buscemi said. “Everyone was really excited to participate and be there and show off their Greek life spirit.”

Imaan Moosa, sophomore neuroscience major, cheered on her organization Gamma Chi Delta from the sidelines as her fellow sorority members fought for first place.

“I was cheering the entire time,” Moosa said. “I was yelling chants [and] cheering on my sorority as well as other Greek organizations. Winning was really great, we had a lot of Gamma spirit, and it was fun to be with my giblings.”

Gurkiran Kaur, sophomore economics major, described the electric environment of the Greek Olympics and described her experience participating in a friendly game of dodgeball against SPURS sorority.

“It was a great friendly match against the SPURS,” Kaur said. “We were cheering each other on, and there was a sense of Greek unity as we cheered for other organizations and they cheered for us.”

Kaur later shared that her favorite moment was the support her sorority Chi Beta Epsilon got from their brother fraternity the Bengal Lancers during the tug-of-war event.

“My favorite moment was during tug of war, where Beta was against Alpha Chi Lambda in the finals, and there was a sense of Greek unity,” Kaur said. “Especially with our brother fraternity the Bengal Lancers. They came and hyped us up and were telling us to correct our form and it was a cute bonding moment for us.”