Spring fashion trends of 2023

Students on campus share their style preferences and their spring fashion go-to’s

With colder weather coming to an end and the sun coming out more, new spring fashion trends are here. Media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and others provide ways for individuals to gain different style perspectives.

Maliena Carelli, sophomore psychology major and communication minor, shared that some of her favorite spring fashion trends include athleisure, casual attire, and nicer going-out clothes. Carelli shared that she loves biker shorts and athletic wear, especially because when she is in-season as a softball player, it is more convenient for her to stay in workout clothes than constantly having to change outfits.

“I get my fashion perspective from the West Coast because that’s where I am from. Some of my favorite brands are Urban Outfitters, Zara, Nike and Target. I can always find really cheap, stylish and great clothes from Target,” Carelli said. “I can tell that Trinity students have different and unique styles though because people are very expressive and artsy here as well. It’s really cool to see.”

Some common fashion trends around campus emerging as the weather gets warmer include maxi skirts, flat brim hats and athleisure. With athleisure, the trends shift from brands like Lululemon and Nike to more upscale and newer brands like Outdoor Voices, Alo Yoga and brands that partner with the retail store Aritzia. The growth of these brands can be attributed to influencer culture and especially lifestyle TikTokers.

“I really have been into long silky skirts recently and also tank tops or a good bodysuit that I can tuck into my jeans,” Carelli said. “With jeans, I also like to pair them with a cute flowy top or a nice fitting tube top.”

Carelli said that her fashion inspiration stems from the Seattle streetwear look. She loves putting together baggy jeans, cool shoes, sunglasses and a T-shirt to pull that look off. Sometimes she likes to switch and give off “Lululemon yoga mom” and wear tennis shoes, lots of chunky gold and silver jewelry, an athletic tank top and slicked-back hair.

Protection from the sun’s UV rays has oftentimes become a fashion statement. Many students around campus are starting to sport hats and sunglasses as it gets hotter. Flat-brim and rope hats have especially begun to become more popular as they are stylish and can make an outfit look much more put together.

Hamzah Khuram, sophomore accounting major from Bangalore, India, shared that he likes to stay casual but comfortable during the spring. He usually wears jeans, tennis shoes and a shirt to go along his day. Since Texas gets so hot, Khuram shared that he likes to stay comfortable during the hot days.

“Navigating throughout the day and with other responsibilities, I like to stay casual but also put together with what I wear,” Khuram said. I like to dress accordingly but the spring is a nice time to also wear shorts and loose-fitting tees.”

Around San Antonio, thrift stores are sustainable and affordable places for people to shop and find new outlets for fashion. Some thrift favorites around campus include Texas Thrift, Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill. Alternatively, common retail stores such as Nordstrom, Pacsun and the many stores at La Cantera offer higher-end fashion at varying price points. These stores often follow what’s trendy at the time to better fit the ever-changing style among students.

Sean Macias, first-year finance major, shared that some of his favorite spring styles are colorful polo tees paired with khaki shorts and Adidas sambas. He enjoys shopping at Abercrombie to find good clothing as well. Macias said that he feels as though those “are the vibes for this spring.”