Sidewalk Symposium: Trinity sports-goers

Talking with students about past sports experiences and future sport plans.

As we approach the final weeks of the spring 2023 semester, campus athletics are also in the final stretch. The Trinitonian asked several students about their experiences with playing and watching sports at Trinity.

Rohan Shrestha (Photo Courtesy of Rohan Shrestha)

Rohan Shrestha, first-year psychology major.
Q: Do you watch Trinity sports?
A: I’m on the tennis team, so I’m quite involved with sports. A lot of my time is taken up [by] playing tennis, so as far as watching other sports, I don’t watch as much as I want to.

Q: How has your experience with tennis been?
A: I’ve been playing tennis since I could remember. I’ve played since I was five so this has been a lifelong dream of mine, playing college tennis which I’ve played competitively since I was eight. So being here, at Trinity, to play tennis is truly amazing.

Q: Have you picked up playing any other sports while in Trinity?
A: I’ve not picked up any other sports. I feel like, especially now that we’re in season, there just isn’t the time to do anything else. I mean we already have a very busy practice schedule and school on top of that, so while I would love to look at other sports right now, I just don’t have the time.

Casimir Huffman (Nicholas Chen)

Casimir Huffman, sophomore theater and computer science double-major.
Q: Do you watch Trinity sports?
A: I don’t, and I probably should watch more. I will say though, the only sporting event I’ve been to is the home football games because I’m part of the stand band. So I’ll go and support them there.

Q: What are some sports you want to watch or try out in the future?
A: I will say that I’ve always been interested in intramural sports. From the first semester that I was here, at the student involvement fair, I heard about kickball, dodgeball and everything else about intramural sports. I’ve never [gotten] around to giving it a shot because I was so busy with everything, but that was something I’ve always been interested in.

Q: What appeals to you about intramural kickball and dodgeball?
A: I like just having more fun things, and both of them kind of stand out as less formal and more fun. It’s like Hallympics kickball, I love participating in those and I do participate in those anytime I can because it’s just a fun vibe. It’s just everyone getting together, and even if you’re not great at it, you still have a great time. It’s the same in dodgeball too, it just brings me back to playing around in the gym, and stuff like that.

Rafael Candelas Ruiz (Photo Courtesy of Rafael Candelas Ruiz)

Rafa Candelas, first-year political science major.
Q: Do you watch Trinity sports?
A: I play for the tennis team, so on many of the weekends, we have matches or training so we [the players] don’t go to as many games as we would’ve liked. But we’re up to date on the Instagram pages and everything so we try and support our fellow Trinity athletes as best we can.

Q: How has your experience with tennis been?
A: I’ve been playing since I was five years old. I was born in Mexico and moved to McAllen, which is two hours south of here, where I lived for eight years. I guess I achieved my dreams of training at a tennis academy in Spain, where I lived for four years of my life, at a tennis academy in Barcelona. So yeah, I’ve played a lot of semi-pro tournaments as well as ITF (International Tennis Federation) tournaments. I’ve tried to travel as much as I can to play in tennis tournaments so I’ve played plenty of tennis, and I’m glad to be a part of the Trinity tennis community and kind of settled down here.

Q: Have you picked up watching any other sports while in Trinity?
A: Many of my friends are on the soccer team so sometimes I would go watch their games, they can watch our games, so maybe soccer. I haven’t played soccer but sometimes I attend their games.

Calvin Taylor (photo courtesy of Calvin Taylor)

Calvin Taylor, junior history major.
Q: Do you watch Trinity sports?
A: I watch women’s basketball sometimes, but that’s kind of it.

Q: When did you start watching women’s basketball?
A: I watched a few games because they were in the playoffs, and I knew someone on the team through a class I’m in. It was awesome to watch and a good time.

Q: What are some sports you want to watch or try out in the future?
A: I feel like I should go to a football game at least once before I graduate, and I’m taking fencing next fall. I’ve never fenced before, so I’m going to try it. And if I get my ass kicked, then that’s fine, that’s what life is for.