Campus crust level check


Anna Rudegeair is a TikTok user known for her signature “crust level check” videos. In each one, she implores people to stop scrolling and walk through a checklist with her to reveal their current “crust” level and inspire them to engage in self-care.

It’s time for a Trinity crust-level check. However your semester is ending, everyone on campus could use a reset button. While it’s the Trinity way to run on fumes and just barely scrape through finals season, try taking pride in being the least crusty as possible. Actively taking care of your mind, body and environment might just make the rest of the year more bearable and even enjoyable.

When was the last time you drank actual water? Not Vitamin Water or Gatorade, but just plain, old, unbeatable water. If you’re not getting up to pee multiple times during your library study sessions, consider adding hydration to your to-do list. It’s annoying but worth it.

What about your bedsheets? Have you washed them in the past week or two? Few weeks? Months, even? Your bed should be a place for you to rest and recharge, not marinate. Throw your sheets in the wash and if you’re too focused on work, use your laundry timer as a homework timer. At the very least, wash your pillowcase. It is screaming for help.

It should go without saying, but a Starbucks croissant and a bag of chips isn’t a meal. Incorporate some protein into your day if at all possible to give your body some energy. You might realize you actually don’t hate everyone around you and, in fact, you shouldn’t be seeing stars when you finally emerge from your cave to venture outdoors. Speaking of which…

The sun is your friend. Take advantage whenever it comes out to get some vitamin D before the harsh summer temperatures arrive. Work outside if you must, but you’re also allowed to go touch grass just for the sake of getting outside. Nap in a hammock, read by the fountain, visit a park off-campus, whatever. Just go.

The best part about reducing your own crust level is that it allows you to see the crust around you more clearly. It lurks in the residence halls, in the bottom of backpacks that haven’t been cleaned out all semester and literally in your roommate’s eye (remind them no study session runs too late for them to take off their mascara before going to sleep).

Follow these tips and create your own, personal crust-level checklist so that as the semester wraps up, your crustiness goes down.