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    AnonymousMar 18, 2024 at 12:57 pm

    SGA will cost cut until every organization and event on campus is dead or dying. The down-sizing of every event and partial fundings of events for years has been responsible for real and tangible impacts on student success and cooperation. If SGA continues to exclusively partially fund events, the student activity fund will only continue to grow and organizations will continue to die. SGA is culpable for this student spirit decline, and has done so for no reason other than their own sense of self importance and greed.

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    AnonymousMar 14, 2024 at 11:34 am

    SGA and their funding meetings have some major ethical and financial problems.
    First, on surface it looks like they are spending money like crazy on themselves. SGA should really think of the message it sends when it rejects full funding proposals based on cost effectiveness, while catering in dinner options for themselves every week. This is probably upwards of $1000 a month on food expenditure when the university already supplies food options. I’m not insane. Of course they have to eat. But why spend extra money that apparently is so scarce on Chipotle for every member of the SGA. It’s hard to reconcile the idea that these people are trying to save money for the university when buying meals that likely cost $10 per person 4x a month. Too good for a fully funded nacho hour for the whole student population, but not too good for burrito bowls for the SGA. That’s not right. Solution: submit receipts to the general student population, who then gets to vote on whether members of the SGA should have to reimburse the school for certain expenses. I personally don’t know why I should my tuition or general school funds should be used to buy them nicer than necessary dinners.

    Second, they’re disinterested. Half don’t even seem like they are paying attention. They should not be praised. They should be more heavily monitored. Solution: Meetings should be held in a room big enough for more than 5 or 6 spectators. This is not a genuine venue for modeling democratic participation. Obviously we all know this, but they could make the illusion a little more believable.

    Third, I don’t think they understand modern pricing. They seem baffled by hotel and car rental prices that are exceedingly reasonable in todays economy. They use these meetings to ask sometimes ridiculous questions like why aren’t you taking an uber for 9 people for 6 days 3 times a day because they legitimately believe that somehow this could possibly be cheaper than a one time car rental. It seems like this organization should be extremely in tune with average prices for events, travel plans, food, etc. IDK how they couldn’t be. It’s one of the only things they do. Solution: anything above $1000 should be out of the hands of SGA. They don’t know what’s going on so why should they have a say.

    This comment is not to personally attack any specific members of the SGA. I’m confident most of them are nice people. But the way this association is set up is ridiculous and puts way too much faith into people who have let an extremely small amount of power inflate their own importance.