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    Catherine LeeMay 12, 2024 at 1:35 pm

    I attended Cisneros’ lecture expecting a reading from some of her well-known writing. This was so much more, a rich multimedia herstory that knitted her life together with her friends and all their vivid arts and activism. I was not expecting and was blown away by the realization that many of her friends were people I met and occasionally interacted with. Even though I am not Hispanic, and arrived in SATX only in 2006, more than half of the characters in her movie also appeared in mine via relationships with my late ex-husband and a live-in significant other. They lead parallel lives, don’t know they know me, and will probably remain remote. Most striking was Cisneros’ close connection with Angel Rodriguez-Diaz’s Goddess triptych project. Once upon a time I was better friends with Angel and Rolando Briseño, and we discussed him painting me. Sadly, that turned into a commission I could not afford, as our visits ended after my ex left town. I know more about Cisneros than she chose to relate that evening because a third friend, whose daughter is her solid friend, shared stories about Sandra’s contentious political fights from before I arrived. Wondering about that motivated this old lady to be there that night. It gave me unexpected joy to stick my own pale post-it note on an unobtrusive corner of her colorful storyboard.