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Navigating “Pathways” and treading water

Aaron Delwiche September 7, 2017

In last week's Trinitonian, Evan Chambless described the Pathways curriculum as "an obstacle course ... that has to be navigated while treading water with a blindfold on." I understand how she feels. As...

Go get “˜em, Tigers: Advice from alumni

Aaron Delwiche April 28, 2017

You've got this. I would like to use my final column to speak directly to Trinity's graduating seniors.  It makes sense that many of you are feeling a bit anxious. For the past four years, you have...

Assistant professor of communication Aaron Delwiche does communications research on a broad range of topics, from cyberbullying to video games and propaganda to political persuasion. Photo by Sarah Cooper.

Balance your news

Aaron Delwiche March 3, 2017

This column is respectfully addressed to friends, colleagues and students who support "“ or mostly support "” the words and policies of President Donald Trump. You are undoubtedly aware that, from...

Searching for truth in modern media

Searching for truth in modern media

Aaron Delwiche January 26, 2017

Two weeks ago, President Donald Trump kicked off his "war with the media" by refusing to take a question from Jim Acosta during a press conference.  "Your organization is terrible," he shouted at...

One of these candidates is not like the other

One of these candidates is not like the other

Aaron Delwiche November 7, 2016

Beware of false equivalence. Two imperfect candidates are vying for your vote. One of these candidates will win. They are not equally flawed. One of these candidates wants to deport 11 million immigrants,...

Personal values trump political affiliation

Personal values trump political affiliation

Aaron Delwiche September 10, 2016

He was everything I wanted to be when I grew up. His name isn't important. Bobby? Jerry? Jimmy? It doesn't matter. I looked up to him. Back in '87, he was a fixture at campus demonstrations against...

Come with me if you want to live

Aaron Delwiche September 14, 2015

Late May was warm and sleepy. The last diplomas were handed out. Students and faculty scattered to all corners of the globe. Summer research projects had not yet kicked into gear. The campus was deserted. And...

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