A reflection on our civil discourse

A reflection on our civil discourse

Alex Hartzell April 8, 2016

For months now, it seems as though the presidential race has progressively decreased the standards of civic discourse to lower and lower depths. Undoubtedly, some have chosen to label this as the fault...

A necessary review of the appointment's clause

A necessary review of the appointment’s clause

Alex Hartzell February 26, 2016

Last week, the editorial board of the Trinitonian wrote a remembrance piece about the late Associate Justice, Antonin Scalia, who just recently passed away. The editorial mentions, and rightly so, that...


It “˜s time to stop sneering at America

Alex Hartzell February 12, 2016

I don't know how, but for some ludicrous reason, it has become popular or cosmopolitan among certain American intellectuals, the elite and many young millennials to sneer at America and our great nation's...

Hypocrisy Dragged Out of The Closet

Hypocrisy Dragged Out of The Closet

Alex Hartzell November 7, 2015

In last week's Trinitonian, Nathan Rothenbaum took it upon himself to "test his mettle against the likes of Dr. Crockett." In his response to Dr. Crockett's article, which reminds us all that every issue...

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