Whats the harm? Looking back at Dr. Ryan Anderson

What’s the harm? Looking back at Dr. Ryan Anderson

Brendan Kennedy December 5, 2016

A few weeks ago, before Ryan Anderson spoke in a lecture sponsored by Tigers for Liberty, my sister and I wrote a column about his invitation to campus. While the event was promoted as a discussion of...

Sneer away, America

Sneer away, America

Brendan Kennedy February 26, 2016

Once, when I was eight years old and feeling deathly ill, my mother asked me if I felt okay. I said I felt fine, with the naà¯ve young mindset that things couldn't go wrong and that I couldn't possibly...

Trump, the VMAs and clickbait

Brendan Kennedy September 5, 2015

Step right up to the Clickbait Emporium! This is your one-stop shop for all your clickbait needs! Here at the Clickbait Emporium, we have two premium products available. For pop culture junkies, we can...

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