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We don’t need more dead white guys’ literature

Carl Teegerstrom April 22, 2018

Responding to complaints about not reading enough dead white guys by using the work of a dead white guy: In the last issue of the Trinitonian there was a column bemoaning how the Pathways curriculum...

˜Religious liberty and the Constitution

“˜Religious liberty’ and the Constitution

Carl Teegerstrom December 6, 2016

Religious liberty is commonly cited as the reasoning behind the opinions of pro-lifers and anti-LGBTQ groups. The idea is that the constitution guarantees the freedom to express one's religion. Abortions...

An open letter for Trumps supporters

An open letter for Trump’s supporters

Carl Teegerstrom November 14, 2016

Donald Trump is the 45th President. Very few were expecting this. With your victory, many of those same people who weren't expecting your victory are scared now, including myself. The current state of...

Fox News and ˜Wattersgate

Fox News and “˜Wattersgate’

Carl Teegerstrom October 29, 2016

On Oct. 3, the "O'Reilly Factor" aired a segment where Jesse Watters "interviewed" several people in Chinatown, New York to inquire about their opinions concerning the election. Aside from many journalistic...

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